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    Why do the contacts on batteries need cleaning every so often?

    My 14500 battery contacts rust over the summer on my EDC ultrafire mini light.
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    14500 batteries for this old timer LED flashlight

    Hey everyone, I'm still using these $3 lights hot rodded with Olight 14500 3.7V batteries. My EDC light and they stand the test of time. I Dont believe Olight makes these batteries anymore, so can anyone direct me to an alternative source that fit the mini lights? I know these batteries can...
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    cheap chinise flashlights on ebay

    Heck, i love those little 3.99 lights kicked up with an Olight 14500 rechargeable ! It may only run for 25 min on a charge but its my EDC. they come with a great pocket clip and will burn your retinas out!
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    Are department store lights better?

    Re: Are department store light better? The 3.99 amazon shorty flashlight with the 14500 battery is my fave. Runtime is short but i carry back up batteries. 3.99 ???? That sucker shines mountainsides a long ways away and will blind attackers in a pinch!! Home depot had the coast HL5 headlamp...
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    Somehow I think I hit gold today at Home Depot

    I disagree are biased in your thinking about flashlights and what you expect from them. I understand that, but 5.50 for that light ??? Come on.........where on this blue marble are you going to find anything close to that light for 5.50? There is so much utter junk out there...
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    Somehow I think I hit gold today at Home Depot

    Hey everyone, Been a while since I posted but today's get was pretty cool . I always look in the flashlight section to see whats up and there I see the husky 3 watt cree 145 lumen tactical light for 5.50 each! :D So I bought 6 for 35.00 ! Granted.........the inner workings are less than Heavy...
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    Husky 3 watt light LED light

    Anyone review or buy this light from Depot? Looks like a fat little sausage with a metal pocket clip and claiming UP TO 145 lumens. 20 bucks......... Kenny S>
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    Can anyone I.D. this headlamp?

    It's the mila's Thanks for the help everyone.....349.00 !! :eek::shakehead:confused::scowl::wave::huh::duh2::ooo: Kenny S
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    Can anyone I.D. this headlamp?

    Some friends of mine were remarking about a european made headlamp that had a battery pack and created unbelievable light. A Swedish friend brought one with him to the states when he visited and gave it to my friend for guiding him around. A few hundred bucks from what they said and they were...
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    Home Depot 3 watt headlamp

    Because....As I stated...... The specific model or watt rating was not mentioned. I apologize for not being technically educated enough to realize what model they are referring to and thanks for taking the time to be of no help. I'll keep looking. K>S>
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    Where is Maglite in all of this high power LED action?

    Hey everyone, First time poster here........ but I'm far from a lighting Newb. I do a lot of night hiking in the jungle, deserts and forests so i'm always on the hunt for the next brightest headlamp or flashlight My buddy asked me to adapt this bicycle LED light into a handheld unit so I...
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    Home Depot 3 watt headlamp

    Hey Everyone, I skimmed over a few posts regarding the HD Husky headlamps but I could not tell if what model was being discussed. I was just there today and noticed a 3watt headlamp for 19.95. Whats the bottom line on this unit? Any run time estimates? Thanks