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    What is going on with Nitecore QC??

    Nitecore is best!
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    Olight S1A. A one click wonder! 600 lumen AA flashlight.

    Dude this one is even better than the legendary S1
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    How do I change the tail cap boot on a Nitecore SRT3?

    It's well sealed but you can send the service an email to ask for instruction.
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    New Nitecore Superb Charger - SC2

    It locks the 3A option for small batteries like 18490, said its manual
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    REVIEW: Nitenumen NE01 (XM-L2 , 1x18650)

    What this isn't familiar this is copycat already. and they even copy the series name. Unbelievable. Shouldn't Nitecore consider suing them? And I think your review is well done, but inappropriate
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    Looking for Nitecore TM series "Rapid-charge adapter" Help!

    Re: Looking for Nitecore TM series "Rapid-charge adapter" Help! You mean a slide on niteorestore's website is wrong? I think it should be ac port too. unfortunately they put dc port instead (on both!)
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    Join Nitecore at Shot Show!

    Any new launches?:rolleyes:
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    Fenix PD35 TAC VS Nitecore P12GT

    Hey I've seen reviews and comments saying the P12GT delay issue was gone. Was it a first-batch issue? In an EDC point of view I think the PD35 TAC is above but on the tactical side? I don't know, not a fan. Maybe Joe's right. The UI matters.
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    Do I need an XP-L In My Kit?

    The dome makes some difference. It's always worthwhile to try new things:poke:
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    Review: NEXTORCH TA40

    This is the review with the most pictures I've ever seen.. I am a pro for its cable, but a con to its clip whatsoever.
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    Nitecore EA81 auto off or demo mode?

    Something might go wrong with it. Sent [email protected] an email for help?
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    Manufacturer not honoring their own warranty policy

    Hi Xiphex, I think nitecore is far from an irresponsible manufacturer. Have you contact their aftersales service [email protected] yet?
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    Nitecore MH27 Strobe

    It's called memory effect :grin2: when you turn MH27 off it memorizes its brightness level or mode (except sos and beacon) and starts with the memorized level/mode when you turn it on again. Quite a function for outdoor and tactical uses!
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    Nitecore MT40GT XP-L Hi V3 - A review (For submission in the reviews forum)

    Nice one! I think the stepdown is temporized too. Nitecore's always doing a good job in temperature control. It actually returns to turbo brightness automatically after it cools itself down. That's what all good nitecore lights do.
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    Nitecore EA81 auto off or demo mode?

    First check if all 8 of your batteries are in good power condition. With several low power level cells inside it could possibly be hard to respond to your controls.
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    Waiting for new catalogues.

    China has a new year break till next monday. probably they are putting catalogs out by then. I especially want to see nitecore's. Looks like they are adding many pages in it as they push so many new models to the market in 2015. Dazzling.
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    Nitecore MT10A on 14505 cells?

    Try not to use batteries that are not recommended in the user manual.
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    Nitecore tm06s battery voltage indicator

    Came here to say what Str8stroke said and quoted... Also go to nitecore website and check up anti-counterfeit code on the battery packages...
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    What would you like to see in 2016 ?

    Nuclear power flashlights. ...maybe not. Some lightweight rechargeable headlamps will do. I mean, like pc-built lightweight, but of damn good ruggedness.