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    Need some help with a trigger/timer circuit for LED

    My electronics aren't the best either but I would probably use an Arduino for this entire project. I don't know how many you need to make but it would probably bring the project cost up. If it is only one, I would say the ease of use would outweigh the cost.
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    Li-ion to jump start a car?

    I didn't read this whole thread but most of it. I live in Canada and it is safe to say that for at least 8 months of the year, none of these products would ever work. The only way they would ever work is if they charged the lead acid battery for long enough that it was able to provide enough...
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    Looking to create a programmable flashlight driver

    I only know enough about programming and microcontrollers to make me dangerous haha. Having said that, it sounds like you want to source an appropriate driver that is compatible with PWM and program a microcontroller to preform the PWM functions. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    14" Light Bar XM-L2 Mod

    Looks like a great project. I looked at the Amazon link and if that entire back piece of the enclosure is solid aluminum then you have nothing to worry about with heat provided that the light is only on for 5 minutes at a time. Forget the water cooling. In NE USA you shouldn't need anything...
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    Advice needed for magnetic charging tail cap

    Just to start off, I don't know anything about the light in question but I did look at a picture. Before I looked at a picture I assumed you meant a barrel connector and I have never heard of the centre pin being negative. Having said that, in this case the centre "pin" could be negative but...
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    just took apart a spotlight now what???

    In this case just get a cheap driver from DX. The primary factor you want to look for is drive current. We need more information about the heatsink though to determine this but you will be looking at 350mA or 700mA. Another factor is the output voltage must be in the proper range. In this...
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    just took apart a spotlight now what???

    Drivers can be found in quite a few places. It depends on how much you are willing to spend. For low budget, the Chinese made drivers work well. Deal Extreme (DX) is a popular place. If you want to spend a little more money and get a driver that will be more reliable and with a nicer...
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    The most efficient, poweful & portable LED light bulb

    Take a look at this project I did. Obviously you want to do something completely different but all of the basic concepts are the same regarding mounting of LEDs, heatsinking, driver, etc. The basic concepts can be applied to any form factor. In your case a lantern. There are tons of build...
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    The most efficient, poweful & portable LED light bulb

    It is very likely that you can rip the end off the bulb and rewire it. The LEDs run on DC power. Using it as is would be really inefficient because of the DC to AC back to DC conversion. If you modify it then you only need a DC-DC conversion which can be very efficient. Having said that, if...
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    Tech Tricks: Homemade Balance Charging Cradles.

    Nesei, I really like what you did. It is very clean. I have also converted an old spring load but I don't have it set up for balance charging because I only just got a balance charger. I was parallel charging up to 4 cells at a time. Something I noticed is that there is a very significant...
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    C Size battery but 2.4 volts

    Sounds like 2 1/2C batteries. Like these.
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    Custom 4x18650 Mag (lots of pictures)

    I'll see if I can get some night shots but might not be able to for awhile. Thanks for the kind words. I forgot to mention the host is 2S2P.
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    recommend a soldering iron?

    In my opinion $85 for that Hakko from Fry's is a steal. I didn't know they had come down that much. I payed significantly more than that for the older generation 936. I HIGHLY recommend getting a decent station. You won't ever look back. I learned to solder on a shitty constant wattage...
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    Custom 4x18650 Mag (lots of pictures)

    If your charging port is snug then it is very likely that it doesn't have the resistance problems that mine has. Mine is a little bit too big. It makes a decent enough electrical connection (can reliably get a good voltage reading from it) but its measured resistance is I think about 1 ohm...
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    4x6 metal bandsaw stand/base and mods ...

    I don't know which blade was used (teeth/foot). We also had several ironworkers but they generally weren't used for shearing unless we needed thousands of pieces >12" ish long. Its just nicer to work with a nice square cut edge than a shitty sheared edge.
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    4x6 metal bandsaw stand/base and mods ...

    I can tell you that in industry, at least in the shop I worked in, the only reason a blade ever got changed was to throw it in the garbage. The same blade cut everything from 10x54 beam (or heavier) to 1x1x.100 HSS. It cut stainless, mild steel, and aluminum. Having said that, blade speed was...
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    Custom 4x18650 Mag (lots of pictures)

    First of all, I did this build more than a year ago so I don't remember all of the details. I'll provide some details but I'm mostly going to let the pictures do the talking. All pictures are clickable to fullsize images. Host: 2.5D dual bored 4x18650 Mag from FiveMega LEDs: 4x XP-G2 (I...
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    Power Supply for a Hobby Charger

    Looking around it appears you can buy breakout boards for a non destructive alternative. Here.
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    Power Supply for a Hobby Charger

    Well it at least sounds like you are going to be doing it properly. Having said that, if you are going to be putting binding posts anyway, it isn't that much harder to go the extra mile. Some power supplies will not stay on unless there is a load attached. I got lucky and mine works without a...
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    Power Supply for a Hobby Charger

    Putting the binding posts on allows for the use of more power. You can't pull very much current through the 20 gauge (or whatever they are) wires. Also, this setup is extremely modular now. The binding posts use a standard 4mm connector. I can plug almost anything into them. When ever I...