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    Your usages of rechargeable 1.2V Ni-MH or 1.5V Li-ion AA/AAA batteries?

    Here's some of my applications for Li-ion AA's Oculus quest controllers and other VR controllers. I don't personally have these, but this drop the voltage and will stop vibrating and stop working if the voltage dips to 1.2, you can find various accounts of this on the internet. Nimh doesn't...
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    ingles has rayovacs 2 pack of d cell batts for 1 buck

    I found some AA's over the holidays, 4 x Rayovac AA for $1 a pack at the Christmas tree store here in the USA, alkalines but I can't complain for 25 cents a cell, parents are always clamoring for batteries and I don't want to give them my pricey rechargeables.
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    Are NiMH Batteries Dying Out?

    As long as Xbox controllers take AA batteries there will always be plenty of demand for AA batteries, The Wii is still in use in many homes and that requires a ton of AA batteries, almost every kids toy takes AA or AAA batteries and some toys like Playmation take A LOT of batteries like 6 x AA...
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    are the duracells ion core 2500 any good?

    These are really good batteries, I used them in my digital camera for a long time 2 xAA, I have 4 of the AA's and they work well, I bought them a few years ago, don't remember when.
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    Totally shocked

    My Aldi in the USA doesnt sell rechargable batteries, maybe its a UK thing. They usually have duracells here and sometimes their own brand of batteries, but you have to look for them as they are in some of the more hidden spots in the store. I also think they only have AA batteries here.
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    Is LiIon Battery Tech Moving Forward? Or Moving to Extinction

    I am not sure about other models and other phones but the iPhone 4/4s 5, 5c and I assume the 5s as well can all have their batteries removed and changed in a few min if you know what you are doing. There are videos on YouTube for this and there is no soldering involved. I haven't personally...
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    Please share your experiences with rechargeable 9v batteries.

    I am sure that my alkalines last more than a year in the smoke detectors at least. They are just off the shelf duracells, energizers and ray o vac. I have never had a leak. Usually when the detector starts beeping we find the alkaline in there has an expired date. We have a guy who comes every...
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    Energizer EcoAdvanced (Alkaline) Batteries

    AA alkalines are getting really expensive, especially energizer and Duracell. One grocery store here charges $10 for an 8 pack of duracells. I can basically get rechargables for nearly the same cost if I buy on sale. If I recharge my rechargables 2-3 times per pack I am already saving money over...
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    Duracell Ion Core AA & AAA

    They sell eneloops at Costco in the USA but Costco isn't everywhere, we don't have one here. You can also buy them online at Target and Amazon and a million other online retailers.
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    How many rechargeables do you have?

    I have no idea how many I have either, nowhere near as many as people on here, a lot of mine are in devices so it's hard to count.
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    Duracell Ion Core AA & AAA

    In my area rechargables aren't exactly hot sellers so unless a store pulls their stock for a new package of rechargables or a new generation I would expect that cells sit on the shelves for 1-2 years at the least possibly 3-4 depending on how long it's been since the store restocked. Most people...
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    How many rechargeables do you have?

    I just bought a pack of Ray o vac AAA's for $1.97 at Sears, no I did not need them, but they were $2 so I just couldn't go wrong.... I must be sick.
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    Duracell Ion Core AA & AAA

    I got the 1 pack ion cores for Xmas and I can say they had roughly 1000 mah left in each cell out of the pack, after discharge/refresh on the lacrosse bc700 they came up to 2.60 ah for the highest cell and 2.47 ah for the lowest. The batteries have a black top and say made in Japan on both the...
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    Lithium vs Alkaline for emergency

    Re: Battery Question (Alkaline Leaks) I have had them leak on at least 3 occasions while just sitting in my battery box. It's a plastic box with compartments, if I had left them in the pack they would have leaked in the pack.
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    Overview: All eneloop batteries; 2005-2021

    Re: Overview: All eneloop batteries; 2005-2014 The replacement remote for my TV is very cheap last I checked but since 2 LSD batteries will keep it running for a year or 2 on one charge without failure I prefer to go that route.
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    Alkaline Battery leak prevention ?

    I am sure the manual specifically mentions alkaline as most toys did back then from what I remember. Getting parents to buy the right batteries was tricky due to the price points. Also KB toys had a massive campaign to recommend only alkaline batteries at that point as I remember they put...
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    Alkaline Battery leak prevention ?

    Yeah I have a speak n math that takes like 4 C or D batteries or something ridiculous and lasts 10 hours according to the manual. The toy is basically a glorified calculator so I don't know how it uses that much power (must be a lot of power processing in there or something...) In comparison a...
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    Duracell Ion Core AA & AAA

    As far as I can see the refresh mode will cycle batteries until they meet their maximum mah. This is supposed to fix cells that are not charging properly including older cells. The discharge discharges the remaining mah in a battery then charges it up, this is the mode I use all the time. It...
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    Duracell Ion Core AA & AAA

    I like to do the refresh as well on any new pack of batteries I get just because I like to start with a full charge. I know it's not necessary but I just prefer it.
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    Alkaline Battery leak prevention ?

    I have specifically seen one battery full and one battery almost completely empty in an rca remote. I have seen so many toys with corrosion I cannot count, it's such a huge problem it happens almost every time I buy a second hand toy. Some so severely that the leaking actually seeps through the...