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  1. Bushman5

    4D MAG TerraLUX drop-in = WOW!!!

    I have the Terralux 3 - 6 D drop in....its supposed to be a 1000 lumens....????? i think not.... I have MANY <1000 lumen lights (actual 1000 lumens) and this drop in comes no where close to them AT ALL. Maybe 250 lumens at most... still, it brought my 6D maglite back to life!
  2. Bushman5

    FS: 5,000+ lumen Dropin for Maglite.

    Hello Vesture! in your online shop right now with a 5000 lumen drop in for my mag in the cart. I have a 6 cell D Mag with the "D" in the serial number. QUESTION! is the 5000 lumen output ONLY with IMR cells? - whats the MAX volts your drop in can handle? - if i use 6 D sized...
  3. Bushman5

    Lemax LX70 Superpower HID Light

    mind if i ask the cost and shipping costs? OOPS, never mind, just found it.....YIKES!
  4. Bushman5

    14" 70.000 lumen spotlight project (with beamshots)

    Re: 14" 70,000 lumen spotlight project (with beamshots) insane! love it. esp the housing.....
  5. Bushman5

    The dreaded "family member asks flashlight advice" thread

    Loaned ny coworker my NiteCore P12GT while he inspected his rig brakes. Couldn't believe the output and the distance it went. Then came the how much $$ question.... called me crazy for spending that kind of money on a flashlight. I didnt tell him ive spent thousands over the year, he's probably...
  6. Bushman5

    Why I hate LED Flashlights and Lights

    BAH HUMBUG TO these new fangled geeewhizits and hoodads...incandescent light! LED light! Tools of the devil! real men use Dietz #80 kerosene lanterns! BAH! :sick2:
  7. Bushman5

    Surefire Intellibeam technology -- anyone has experience with it?

    correct me if i'm wrong but i talked to the Surefire rep here at a store, and he stated that the surefire intellibeam technology automatically adjusts the light out put higher or lower based on your terrain (ie: dark, dusk, daylight, shadows etc) the light output ramps up or down based on what...
  8. Bushman5

    Simple flashlight modifications anyone can do

    red or yellow heavy duty heat shrink tubing makes a GREAT TRAFFIC WAND that weighs NOTHING, stores flat and take no space in a pocket and is VERY VISIBLE! video
  9. Bushman5

    Who care about SoS or strobe

    its no brighter than the police strobes or the amber strobes on the hwy crew trucks. I've often gotten compliments by Highway Patrol for using my strobe to keep my work space safe when unloading.
  10. Bushman5

    Can the surefire 6P LED battery tube be bored out?

    Thank You VERY MUCH! I'd like the option of either 18650 or two surefire batts.
  11. Bushman5

    Can the surefire 6P LED battery tube be bored out?

    can i bore out the 6P battery tube to accept an 18650 battery?
  12. Bushman5

    Is There a Flashlight Heaven and Hell? Where Do Obsolete Flashlights Go?

    I either sell my old lights, or in the case of the three LED lights that failed (2 x fenix TK70's and 1 Nitecore Caveman) despite multiple warranty replacements....i took the hacksaw to them and made them into functional storage tubes: one Nitecore Caveman battery tube (head sawn off and filed...
  13. Bushman5

    Who care about SoS or strobe

    I use strobe mode (nitecoreP12GT, NiteCore EA11, JetBeam DDR26, Olight M22 warior) ) somewhere in the neighbourhood of around 50 times a day. On the side of the highway when doing my job (tandem axle truck making frequent stops) I put the strobe on and place the light directly facing oncoming...
  14. Bushman5

    imalent dt 70, 16,000 lumens stock!

    not sure where to purchase this? even after translating the website ...... i'd like to get something like this for EDC,my 1000 and 1800 lumen lights are getting boring.
  15. Bushman5

    NEW Fenix 2017 Catalog Is Released! Feast Your Eyes

    ditto. Its on my 2017 buy list.
  16. Bushman5

    Sold/Expired looking for tailcaps for Olight S3OR Baton & fenix TK70

    18650/ 2xCr123 model, the first gen that had all the tailcap problems. I could not warranty it because i fixed the tailcap myself, with a bolt and washers, but would prefer a proper tailcap. anyone have one lying around? also looking for TWO tail caps for the Fenix TK70 series. (the big...
  17. Bushman5

    Voltage question fenix TK60

    Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I was hoping to add more runtime with the fifth battery. That's interesting that the circuit drops voltage to needed level. Thanks again. :twothumbs:twothumbs
  18. Bushman5

    Voltage question fenix TK60

    Ok , the tk60 can take 4 alkaline d cells, that's 4x1.5v = 6v Or, one can use hi-capacity nimh d cells The tenergy 10000mah nimh d cells are 1.2v each, 4x1.2v= 4.8v So if I add another short extender tube (from the tk70), I can fit FIVE tenergy nimh 1.2v d cells in, for a total of 6v. No...