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    Malkoff MDC 2xAA review

    Which tint do you prefer?
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    Battery Brands

    Where does Fenix fit in?
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    Overview: All eneloop batteries; 2005-2021

    Re: Overview: All eneloop batteries; 2005-2020 Need more to order from amazon?
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    Fenix E01 it as tough as the E01? i like indestructible...
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    Fenix E01

    Discontinued? Sad to see that! Is it true? Is there something similar?
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    *** Fenix User Group ***

    L1P P2D L1D L2D L0D E0 E01x4
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    Foursevens Preon P0

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    The ~OFFICIAL~ Nitecore D10/D20/EX10 Registry

    Re: The ~OFFICIAL~ Nitecore D10/EX10 Registry D10 - 00089
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    Fenix E01

    This is just the light I have been waiting for...thanks for the runtime tests...amazing.
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    SureFire E1B Backup

    I agree...I find a light much more useful when it comes on low first.
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    just ordered a olive P1D Q5

    We need pictures...please.
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    hds runtimes. It's all over

    Re: hds runtimes. I keep both my EDC lights at level 20 (.08) for the min. setting. It's great for around the house with dark adapted eyes. Wonder how long that level lasts? Anyone care to guess?
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    hds runtimes. It's all over

    Re: hds runtimes. :popcorn:
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    hds runtimes. It's all over

    Re: hds runtimes. I thought level 1 was max...level 20= min. Am I wrong? level 16= .33 Anyway, I'm interested long running lights.
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    Novatac Review 120T and 85P Comparison Review (Picture Heavy 56K Beware)

    Nice review,thanks. I'm trying to decide between the 120p and 85p...any advice?
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    rayovac hybrid vs eneloops

    I ordered the eneloops from batterybob...used the code. Thanks. Now to order a new light to go with them...I do'nt have an L1d ce yet. Will that work well with the eneloops?
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    rayovac hybrid vs eneloops

    Ok, Thanks for all the replys...I think i'll try the eneloops. Looks like has a good deal on them.
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    rayovac hybrid vs eneloops

    has anyone used both of these? which do you prefer? and why? the rayovacs are availible locally...not sure where to get the eneloops. thanks
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    Timbuk2 bags...

    I've had many bags...I love the metro's the perfect size for edc. More than enough room for everything i carry. Every other bag was too big. It's tough to...don't think i could wear it out. Hope this helps