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    1x18650 thrower for bike

    I don't ride much in the dark, but looking for a relatively compact, relatively long lasting 18650 thrower to keep in my saddle bag just in case I'm out on a ride and need to get home after dark. I have a couple of lights already that will do in a pinch, but they're more floody than I want for...
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    Looking for pistol mounted light

    18650's aren't more than a few mm different than 2x cr123a. 1 cr123a vs 2 would cut over an inch in length, but admittedly also cut battery life in half.
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    Looking for pistol mounted light

    Mostly for HD use at across the room distances, not as a duty weapon or ccw, but wouldn't mind something that wouldn't be ridiculous on my walther pps (probably impossible). Shoot thumbs forward. Would rather not spend much more than $100 or so, but looks like I may have to spend a bit more...
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    Looking for pistol mounted light

    Yeah that's the issue I was trying to avoid. Not the end of the world, just odd there aren't more single cr123a lights. Both the trl-1 and x300 stick out beyond the muzzle of most pistols.
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    Looking for pistol mounted light

    Thanks, that will probably work, but still a bit high on the price range. There are lots of relatively small CR2 lights. Seems like it should be easy enough to build using the more common cr123a which is only slightly larger with generally higher capacity. I wonder why so few companies do? I...
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    Looking for pistol mounted light

    I'm looking for an LED to mount on my M&P9. I'm not overly impressed with the various streamlight offerings and don't need a laser. The ideal would be a single CR123A driven 100-200 lumen LED. Everything I seem to find is either CR2 (I'd prefer no to have to stock another type of battery) or...
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    DX "Romisen" RC-R5 XP-G 3-mode 1AA light

    I'm a relatively new poster here but occasional lurker, so please go easy on me. I don't consider myself a "flashaholic" but have started to accumulate a number of lights over the past few years. Most of them are on the lower end though. In a recent random binge on DX I threw in what was...
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    Any reason I shouldn't use 18650 cells with tabs in my lights?

    During a recent shopping binge on DX I mistakenly ordered a set of 18650 cells with tabs. I was planning to use these as backups for a few of my lights. The question is, is there any reason I can't just cut off the tabs and use these cells normally? They don't have a nub on the positive...