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  1. Rossymeister

    Yearly supporter membership

    What does the yearly membership include? Is it still required to post in the WTS forums?
  2. Rossymeister

    Pyrotechnic Illumination

    Hey Im looking for some suggestions on where i can find some White Illuminating handheld flares or parachute flares.. Does anyone have any experience with them? ive looked at a few outdoor stores around town, but haven't found any. Thanks!
  3. Rossymeister

    Ham Radio

    Is anybody here into ham radio? im interested in getting a license in a few months and was wondering if anybody knows of any good study guides?
  4. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Oveready Boss 70

    USA SALE ONLY PLEASE Hello CPF, I purchased this light directly from oveready at the beginning of 2017. I carried it for a year, and it has sat in a box since then. I see one small ding on the tailcap, and a few carry marks. If you need any more pictures, please let me know. No batteries...
  5. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn

  6. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Malkoff Trio

    USA SALE ONLY PLEASE Hello CPF, :twothumbs Ive got some malkoff lights that im looking to get rid of. Im looking to sell all 3 as a package only, no splitting up. For $219 shipped priority insured, you receive: -1 Malkoff Hound Dog 18650 Neutral, with Tricap -1 Malkoff MD2 w/ M61W -...
  7. Rossymeister

    Anybody here into Matcha?

    Just received my first order of matcha from japan about a week ago. Ive started replacing my morning coffee with matcha, and it seems i have more energy throughout the day. Anybody else drink matcha on a daily basis? If so what are your favorites?
  8. Rossymeister

    MSR Windburner

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if the MSR Windburner will fit in a Maxpedition 10x4 bottle holder? Ive got a old jetboil PCS that ive been keeping in there for a while, and im looking to upgrade. Thanks!
  9. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired Withdrawn

  10. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Benchmade 710-D2

    Hello CPF, :wave: Ive got a Benchmade 710-D2 that im looking to get rid of. Ive replaced the plastic backspacer with stainless standoffs. Action feels smooth and centering looks perfect. Ive personally found that a 4 inch blade is too large for what i need it for. Some staining on the d2 is...
  11. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired SOLD:Surefire P2X Fury-Like New!

    Hello CPF, :wave: I would like to sell my Surefire P2X Fury. I purchased this when they first came out a couple years ago. Its had one set of batteries ran through it, and its been sitting in my car console ever since. I would rate the overall condition as "Like New". I am looking to...
  12. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired SOLD:HDS 140N Clicky (Nichia LED)

    Hello CPF, I would like to sell my 140 Neutral HDS. This is one of the older models with the Nichia LED. I carried it about a week and it has sat on the shelf ever since. This light has the famous Nichia ring in the beam. I don't notice it when actually using the light, only when white wall...
  13. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired SOLD: 1X123 Titanium McClicky Pak

    USA SALE ONLY PLEASE Hello CPF, :wave: I am looking to sell a 1x123 mcgizmo mcclicky pak. As usual, i would rate this item 9.5/10, with only a few very light surface scratches that will very easily polish out. This was purchased directly from don, and has only been carried around the house. It...
  14. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired SOLD:6V McGizmo Makai XPG Head Only:SOLD

    USA SALE ONLY PLEASE Hello CPF, :wave: I Am Looking To Sell My Makai Head. You Will Need A 2x123 McClicky Pak To Pair With This. This Was Purchased Directly From Don On 9/20/2010. It Has A Few Surface Scratches That I Cannot Capture With A Photo, But I Would Rate Overall Condition 9.5/10. I...
  15. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired SOLD-McGizmo Sapphire 25-SOLD

    USA ONLY PLEASE Hello CPF, :wave: I Have A McGizmo Sapphire That I Would Like To Sell. This Light Was Purchased 12/04/10, And Has Seen Very Little Use. This Light Has Been Setting On My Shelf For The Past 5 Months. Its Basically Brand New Save For A Few Light Surface Scratches That Are Typical...
  16. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired SOLD:McGizmo Sundrop XR-U -SOLD

    USA SHIPPING ONLY PLEASE Hello CPF, :wave: I Am Looking To Sell A McGizmo Sundrop. I Have Owned This Light Since Approx. 12/04/10. This Light Has Been Carried For The Past 4 Months, So A Few Small Surface Scratches Are Visible. These Can Be Easily Polished Out Though. I Am Looking To Receive...
  17. Rossymeister

    Sold/Expired FS:McGizmo Haiku XPG Warm Head Only-PRICE DROP

    USA ONLY PLEASE Hello CPF, :wave: I Have For Your Consideration A McGizmo Haiku Head And LE. Pictures: This Will Need A New Reflector. This Will Need A New Reflector. The Head Has Never Been Dropped, No Dings, Just Your Typical Titanium Hairline Scratches. The...
  18. Rossymeister

    ~Need Help Finding The Perfect EDC Light~

    First Off, Price Cap Is Set At 600 Dollars USD. Some Basic Requirements: -Made In the USA -1 Or 2 Levels ( Regulated ) -Ability To Use Lithium Ion And LiFePO4 CR123A Batteries -HAIII Or Titanium Finish -Tough As Nails ( Must Be Able To Cope With Daily Abuse ) -Sapphire Or UCL Lens ( Must Be...
  19. Rossymeister

    ArcMania MJP Extreme III Review

    Specifications: Main features: Unique 2 stage output twisting mechanism which does not require the user to cycle through all modes. Turn Off Memory - the Extreme III will turn on in the last operating mode. Programmble output for the 2 stage output and 2 stage SOS. Programmable output and...
  20. Rossymeister

    Raw Aluminum L0D-Q4

    - - - This was my weekend project:devil: What do you guys think? Regards -Aaron