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    Battery testing for flashlights vs for e-cigs

    I love the testing that is done by the great members of this website. I am wondering if we are looking for 2 different characteristics in batteries sometimes though. It seems like very high discharge batteries seem to be less the focus than very high mah batteries. I am wondering if maybe some...
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    Cheap 18650 torch that isn't junk

    Ive got loads of 18650 batteries around since im a vaper and im getting really tired of the cheap costco cree lights slowly draining batteries and I hate buying AAA's for em. I am pretty much looking for something that would be a good bit brighter than the costco lights (think they claimed like...
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    Howdy from you southern US

    Just stopping to say hello. Been reading around these forums for some time (love the battery tests) and I think im finally ready to get myself some kinda light so I figured id sign up for a little advice. Thanks for stopping in :wave: