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    Any companies making a light like this?

    Been a Fenix fan for a few years now. My stuff is old skool. One thing that sticks out to me every winter though is how nice it would be if lights were made with a polymer body like a SF G2. My current dream light would be having my old and faithful LD1/P2D/P3D, same dimensions, same functions...
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    Help with SLA battery

    Not really flahslight related, hoping this is the appropriate forum. I have two 12v/7amp selaed lead acid batteries. I want to use it for a small ham radio amplifier that runs on 12v. But the batts I got are drained or near drained. Just wondering what I need to do , if at all possible, to get...
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    Battery Question

    Hope this is the right section for posting. It is not about batteries in flashlights though. I figured if there was any place I could get bayyery questions answered it would be on CPF. I recently got a ham radio license and bought a handheld radio. This unit has a factory made Nicad battery...
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    Shingbeam Romisen Rc-2B4 Cree P4 LED

    Wanted a AAA light and picked one of these up from his site. Right around $18 total w/ CPF discount. I like it. A lshorte than the old incam mini mag and smaller diameter. Nice forward clicky. Comparing it to my Fenix P2D Q5, light is inbetween the med and high setting when white walling it...
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    Noob help on dome light.

    I recently bought a led replacement bulb off ebay. Small square board with 20-30 5mm leds and two leads connected to a base that fit in where the original bulb did. Man it is bright and a vast inprovement over the old filament bulb. I would like to make one myself to replace the 906 dome...
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    C cell Malkoff

    I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a Malkoff for my 2C. I work patrolling a campus at night and want something bright but portable. I carry a Fenix P3D Premium or a SF G2 w/ Dereelight drop in. The Deree is more light and throw than the P3D, but only single mode. I would intend on the...
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    Using drop in to moda M*glite

    I got an idea after using dereelight and ebay Cree drop ins on some SF's. Am thinking of using one in a 2D and 3D mag as a quick and easy mod. Noticed alot of the pills state 3-9v input. So if using a 3 cell mag I should be getting 4.5v and 3v (approx) for a 2D. This should be enough to run...
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    SF G2 and drop in module question

    Friend of mine at work got a SF G2. He bought a Q5 led drop in off ebay. Well it wasn't an exact fit, but I expected that. We removed the spring and had to screw the pill out a little to get it to make contact. will ahve to get an o-ring to act as a spacer later. Now when I was installing it...
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    Car Overheating Question

    I got a '01 Crown Vic and have this little overheating issue. If I run the A/C, it will overheat, very quickly I might add. But if I just drive without the A/C on, there is no problem. A buddy at work told me my coolant level is probably off, if it was the thermostat it would be hot all the...
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    Romisen RC-G2 Questions

    Ok, I got a few coworkers that may be interested in this light. First, they are not flashlight people like us so main concern to them is price. Lets not go into the quality, try to convince them otherwise train of thought, been there done that. But they are impressed with my Q5 Fenix lights...
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    Fenix Store L1D/L2D/P2D Heads

    I just bought one as I had a spare L1D body laying around. Its one that is currently being offered on the site. Description states it is not a Q5 head. Does anyone happen to know what led is used, is it the CE model, and what the output ratings would be? I emailed Fenix also so I will post their...
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    Advice 4 revamping some old lights

    Wanted to get some advice for giving new life to two old lights I have. A Dorcy Super 1watt (1x123) and a SL Jr. (2xAA). found some old threads about the Dorcy but not much about the SL. Can I just replace the led without using a driver? If so which led? Saqw threads suggesting P4. Being...
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    Magnet affect my light?

    Would anyone know if using a rare earth magnet to mount my Fenix to a door or cabinet would have any ill efect on the light?
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    Modders: Q5 direct drive question

    I have a dereelight module that got fried. So I rigged it to run direct off of two CR123's. Man it is bright! Blows my Fenix P3D Q5 on turbo into the dust! But what now/ What will be the long term repercussions of doing this?
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    PayPal question

    I placed an order with a site, I had $25+ in my PP account but the total order amount came to $26+. I recall in the past that they have just taken the $1+ from my bank to cover the charge. But they ended up doing an E-check for the full amount. Thinking about it now this has happened before...
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    Dereelight drop in problems

    my module arrived today and it is a dud. First I reveresed the batts are advised by others. Tried the drop in with and without the removeable spring. It appears to me that it is able to make contact without it. tightened down bezel and tailcap but no lighty light. Tried just using loose wires...
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    Fenix P1D Q5: adding tailcap/bodies?

    Would I be able to add on a tailcap and switch out with the 1xAA or 2xAA bodies available from Fenix store? Got a line on a P1D Q5 but prefer the clickie and other batt options.
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    Glo Toob Problems?

    Just got a blue Glo Toob FX. It seems to be very difficult to switch between modes. Most times than not it doesn't switch easily. I have to find a sweet spot to make the jump from one mode to next, requiring several tries, sometimes it skips modes. I had to attach a small carabiner to the...
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    Help me decide

    I have been considering getting one of the ebay Q5 drop ins for my SF G2. Then I saw that the drop in's output appears to be dependant on the input voltage. I would like to get as bright as possible. So I considered going with 2 RCR123's to power the drop in with the G2. But then I saw some...
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    Question for Fenix experts

    Will the body from a L2P fit a L1d Q5 head?