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    Beware Alkaline Cells

    I'm sure someone here knows more about batts than I do - like just about anyone reading this! I didn't major in batts, and honestly wasn't ever as interested in them as most other components; really taking them for granted all these years and treating them like little black-box components...
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    Beware Alkaline Cells

    Well, alkaline are no longer recycled in PHX. They aren't even accepted at recycling / HAZwaste sites - I checked recently. I guess there's a difference of opinion out there. I'm an 'OK' sparky on a good day, but a worthless (bio)chemist on my best day. I have no valid opinion. All I do...
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    ...and disappointing to hear JPA. I can only offer sympathy, but I can certainly sympathize. You may not be in the mood for questions, but when you are... Are your problem symptoms while using a CR123A, or lithium ion 16340, or both - and if both, are they each the same with either type, and...
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    Beware Alkaline Cells

    <<<i tell anyone shopping for a nimh charger to look only for ones with individual channels.>>> ....Yes, which is easy enough even I could do it. Examples are several different Panasonic units with individual slot control such as BQCC17 like the two I've used for years, which are inexpensive...
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    Emisar d4v2 solder question.

    My expertise pre-dates lead-free solder considerably, but I believe there may be factors to consider, which are non-health-related, when repairing / re-working equipment which involve knowing which type of solder was used in the original work. Someone with current industry expertise could...
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    EV blues

    A mere $1.9B. Probably just a rounding error for LG.
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    Surefire Scout Light Pro M640DF - which 18650 are compatible? Problems?

    They're one of the best and oldest suppliers of all things shooting-related in the U.S. I can recommend them.
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    Beware Alkaline Cells

    Just curious - I think you said alkalines aren't allowed in the house, but your BP checker only runs 2 cycles on Eneloops(?). Are you swapping / recharging them after every 2 tests, or perhaps using an AC power supply instead? I have one (Omron) and the specs say: "! - Use only 4 AA alkaline...
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    Lifepo4 nano technologies

    Interesting perspective. Thanks for posting it. It got me thinking, which is always dangerous, but also good for me, and yes, fun!
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    Thanks to all of the now several of you who have provided some subjective observations and opinions on the Gen3 Alpha. As flashlight people who bought the light for your personal use, and now have a bit of experience doing that in the real world, it's very high-value info in my book, and most...
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    Lifepo4 nano technologies

    <<<LiFePO4 is still being used in lots of stationary applications where safety and longevity matters more than energy density.>>> And serving well in several of my 1xCR123A lights which are not 16340 (most chemistries [3.6/7V]) compatible. Using K2 Energy.
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    New KeepPower 18350 don't work in series

    Your current observations and assumptions are correct. You want to use "button top" cells in directly connected 2 / multi-cell series applications. Some do use magnets (as OLUMIN indicated). I prefer not to go that route personally and don't recommend it, but some do, and I won't argue the...
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    True, and I still give them 'high marks' for their overall response - no question. A 'good' battery would have been good for 'extra points' though. I like to earn 'extra points' with my customers - I figure I may need them sometime! My policy is always: Under commit - over deliver. Edit...
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    Energizer AA Lithium

    :-). Me too, I guess. At least that's comforting!
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    OK - maybe I'll have to deduct those 'extra points' I mentioned earlier, but at least it's repaired (hopefully).
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    For Fenix I find the 'operating manual' is often a good resource. I was curious and just checked a couple of newer AAs (E12 V2 and LD42), and they both explicitly state lithium primaries are OK. Can't find the manual for the older LD40 at the moment though. If I had to guess, I'd say L91s...
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    Thanx for that follow-up. Sounds like they responded as I expected ( consistent with their reputation), deserve extra points for providing a basic description of the root cause, and that root cause is also typical of what I generally expected. Good ending, and their response speaks well of...
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    Why are headlamps made of plastic instead of glass?

    Cost always plays a role, but you hit the big reason: These days of uni-blob look-alike cars, often mono-chrome and devoid of 'shiny stuff' as well, headlamps (and tail lamps) are 'bout the only things left for the stylists to go crazy with to try to differentiate their otherwise rather boring...
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    So... Once Upon a Time...

    BF - I gather that community was a fairly small one? 'Bout how big, if I may ask. True that this could be any size place, but I'm just curious. Back where I come from, the phrase for a guy like Willie was "big fish in a little pond". It wasn't generally used in a complimentary way. There...
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    To quote something a great flashaholic once said: "Welp, that's it. You've talked me out of one. My wallet thanks you." :)