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    Halcyon NiMH cannister / function resistor

    Thanks I just got word back from Halcyon it is indeed a Thermistor: NTC 10KOHM 3892K DO35
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    Halcyon NiMH cannister / function resistor

    Hi all, Does anyone in this forum know the function of the resistor (and resistor value) inside the Halcyon 9Ah NiMH cannister? It seems to be used by the charger, which has a 3 pin connector. The resistor is mounted between the middle pin and the - pole of the battery. The resistor got lost...
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    Welcome all divers!

    Hi everyone, New board member from the Netherlands. Our native waters are dark and cold, dive lights required on pretty much every dive below 10m. My interest is in learning more about dive lights and currently working on fixing my Halcyon Explorer dive light. Hope to lean a lot. Frank