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  1. Cyclops942

    SHOT Show 2021

    Any takers? I keep reading what NSSF is sending out, and I haven’t made my mind up if what they will have will be worth my time and money to attend (mostly because they have no details yet), but I’m very open to the possibility. I’m also open to passing for this year, and seeing what happens...
  2. Cyclops942

    Super-fast shipping!

    I ordered the i3 UV EOS (for the one-day fundraiser) and a few other items this morning (like... a couple minutes after midnight), and I've already received the shipping notice... Wow! Thanks, folks! And best of luck with the fundraiser; it seems a worthy cause.
  3. Cyclops942

    Testing tables

  4. Cyclops942

    SHOT Show 2013-- Any takers?

    Hey, folks... it's that time of year again, when the Halloween candy is on sale in the stores, your email inbox gets flooded with notices of sales on "trick or treating" lights (most of which we already own, in one color or another), and SHOT Show Registration has been open for a while. So...
  5. Cyclops942

    Formatting experiment

    long post deleted
  6. Cyclops942

    AA-powered battery pack with USB port for output?

    I'm looking for an easily-refilled charger for those lovely devices we all have that use USB cables for their power input. Energizer has several out for various cell phones, but I've never found one with a (full-size) USB connector. I've checked the Energizer site, and they have external...
  7. Cyclops942

    Valley of the Sun... in the dark?

    Okay, it's getting close to that time of the year again, so here goes nothing. Who's up for another Phoenix-area GT? Who would like to plan it? What dates would be best (or best to avoid)? What location should be used? For dates, I'm thinking October would be good, because of the weather...
  8. Cyclops942

    SS08 Check-In

    Cyclops942 checking in. I have seen Peter & Merri G.
  9. Cyclops942

    "Housewarming gift" spotlight

    All, A buddy of mine who, thanks to my addiction, is becoming more and more of a flashoholic, has asked me to research hand-held spotlights for him. Since he just bought a new house where the property falls away to a creek flowing through a wooded area, he'd like to be able to find his kids in...
  10. Cyclops942

    Phoenix GT V

    Calling all Phoenix-area CPFers! Steve Lebkuecher has hauled his sorry carcass (Hi, Steve! :wave:) off to the land of the Titans, the Volunteers, Graceland, and Davy Crockett, so our reliable organizer is no longer in the area, and I doubt we could convince him to set this up for us from his...
  11. Cyclops942

    SHOT Show 2008: Feb. 2-5

    Okay, maybe I'm just getting antsy, but I've already requested the time off for the next SHOT Show. Soon, I'll be booking a hotel. Assuming that someone again very generously allows us to ride their coattails and provides exhibitors' badges, I'll be in like Flynn! Who's with me? By the way...
  12. Cyclops942

    Picture testing...

    Pic of PK and The Beast II... here and a pic of the beamshot of The Beast II... here
  13. Cyclops942

    Best bets for 3D Mag drop-in conversion?

    I'm most interested in a Luxeon conversion, but I could be swayed to a multiple-5mm Nichia setup. The color I'm most interested in is white, but I'm open to others. I have a Tektite Trek-14 in green, and I'd like it to outperform that. Remember, I specified a <font color="green"> drop-in...
  14. Cyclops942

    Test (what else?)

  15. Cyclops942

    eternaLight Derringer question

    I need help from experienced Derringer owners. I just got an eternaLight Derringer from Glow-Bug, and my wife saw it (uh-oh!) as I was playing with it. She thought it was cute, and liked the red LED in the center. Now she wants me to order another one (yay!) for her to carry in her purse...
  16. Cyclops942

    Streamlight LiteBox - not charging - Help?

    I just bought a Streamlight LiteBox (used, returned to vendor). I plugged in the charger that came with it (which was one of the chargers listed as compatible on the "charging box", and left it alone for over 24 hours. While the red LED on the charging box had gone out, and the green LED on...
  17. Cyclops942

    Sanyo CR123s for $1.49

    Check out this page on e-bay for a Dutch auction on them. I know NOTHING about the seller.
  18. Cyclops942

    Dead P60 assembly

    I have a P60 Lamp assembly from one of my 6Ps that died. What can I do with it? Can it be converted into an LED "lamp" assembly? If so, who'd be the one to do it? Cross-posted to both incandescent and LED sides.
  19. Cyclops942

    Dead P60 assembly

    I have a P60 Lamp assembly from one of my 6Ps that died. What can I do with it? Can it be converted into an LED "lamp" assembly? If so, who'd be the one to do it? Cross-posted to both incandescent and LED sides.
  20. Cyclops942

    X-Men vs. Avengers

    Sorry, but I couldn't resist! With all of these "X vs Y" topics, I've been thinking of this for weeks! The funny thing is, it's just like the comic books; the way the battle turns out depends on the writer/observer! Different needs are fit best by different lights. Or, in the comic world...