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    XHP50.2 3 volt P60 dropin

    Would you consider building a few of these. Cree XHP50.2 3 volt 3-4.5 amp range, almost practical.
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    Cree 3 volt XHP50.2 LED's

    For those who wanted them in builds, they now exist. I hope I've posted in the right spot.
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    Acebeam L16 20700 battery upgrade

    Since the L16 and L30 body tubes are fully interchangeable. Would Acebeam consider selling the L30 body tube and tail cap as a separate accessory to upgrade the L16 into 20700 battery capability?
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    Weapon lights

    I have the original Olight Valkyrie PL-1 for about 9 months so far. It's survived a few classes and is doing well. Could you please post some more information, specs and release date for us on the newer lights. Of the three of them they all seem well spaced out from each other in capacities...
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    Up graded Klarus XT11GT, XHP35 HD E4

    I've noticed that a few sites are listing the Klarus XT11GT as being upgraded with a XHP35 HD E4. Throw has been changed from 402 to 316 meters. Supplied battery changed from 3600 mah to 3100 mah. Looks like with a brighter LED and a higher amp rated battery we might be at 2000 lumens or just...
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    Elzetta 18650 bored with factory switch

    Will the high/low and high/strobe Elzetta switch in a 18650 bored Bravo handle a 4 amp dropin?
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    Current 32650's

    I've gotten two lights that used the 32650 cell and find very little on the cell itself. Eagletac sell the prepackaged double 32650 but offers no manufacturer for the individual cells. Only Trustfire seems to carry any, others listed would be appreciated.
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    Batteries really matter

    I've got two 5.6 amp quads 1 from Kerbos and 1 from VanIsleDSM. On 3400 mah protected Panasonics rated for 6.8 amps I'm getting 4.4 and 4.7 amps on each respectively. On 2250 mah CGR18650CH Panasonics rated for 10 amps I get 5.6 amps on each.
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    Driver question

    I found this today. Question is I want to use it in a tight space to run an MT-G2, will it provide the proper voltage along with the current off of 2 cells? I understand only a little about drivers, along with the regulated...
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    MT-G2 5 amp driver build

    Need a little help here. I'm getting a Fenix TK35 clone with all aluminum body and head called the UniqueFire UF-F10. It got a pretty extensive review on budgetlight. I'm thinking plenty of good aluminum mass to shed all of the heat. The drive is set at 5.5v-12v, 5 amps, 3 mode 100% 30% 5%...
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    18350 batteries

    I've done a few searches with little turned up. How many different 18350 batteries are there, so far I find only the IMR ones at 700 mah. I've been using a few pocket lights with tubes allowing both 16340's and 18350's, one dropin is at 5.6 amps one at 3 amps and another at 2.5 amps. I would...
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    JM07 PRO and the C88 Cyclone

    I recieved in the past week two new flashlights I ordered from First was the JM07 PRO 3 mode, led is listed as the Cree XM-L T6 1A. Today the Cyclone C88 3 mode with the Cree XM-l U2 1B showed up. With fresh MNKE IMR 26650 batteries both at 4.18V I'm getting the following...
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    Voltage drop on imr's run at max.

    I've set up a mini light; Solar force L2M with a FETtie switch, 1 IMR 18350 700mAh battery rated at 8C running a 5.6 amp rated dropin. I've got 1 cheap multimeter with thin 15" wires so those readings are a bit off. Anyone got data or a good guess at the real voltage and amps running through?