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    About those Osram H7 LEDs legal in Germany...

    Well, this is sure disappointing. Like all this guy's videos, it's in Russian, so turn on the subtitles and the English translation. Or just watch the show and don't worry about the words. Skip ahead to 10:00 minutes if you want to get past all the introductory stuff and see the "money shots"...
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    JW Speaker 7" round Evo-3 for non-Jeeps!

    Well, this is cool. JW Speaker now puts out a version of their Evo-3 headlamp with an H4/sealed beam plug. There's no mention of additional functions controllable via an app as on the Jeep version, so I guess the extra width and foreground light and the flashy dancing light "party mode" are not...
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    "Blinker splitter"

    Huh. Here's an interesting device marketed by a German-based site. Called a "Blinker splitter", it's intended for people bringing US-spec cars to countries that don't allow red rear turn signals. It's an ECU to separate the stop (brake) and turn signal functions on a vehicle with combination...
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    Killer deal on Philips X-Treme +130 H4 bulbs

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    Past the end of the line for GE Night Hawk sealed beams

    GE shut down its last sealed beam manufacturing plant a few years ago. I was curious to watch what would happen after they ran out of built-up stocks. Would they just drop the product line completely? Would they do like Wagner and start selling the Eiko junk? Today I took a look at the GE...
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    Anyone else catch this Dan Stern piece?

    I either saw it and forgot to post about it, or didn't see it previously, but Stern had a funny piece about a year ago (here) about headlamps, with a link to an old 1967 article about the poor showings of vehicles put through DC's strict periodic inspections at that time. Nothing new under...
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    Holy cats...!

    Or more like "headlight cats", specifically Hello Kitty H4 bulbs. What'll they think of next?
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    The "Bigfoot" of Headlight Bulbs?

    I mean H14, the Japanese-designed double-filament headlight bulb. I've never actually seen an H14 bulb, and this Ali Baba listing contains just about the only photos I've found. H14 was listed in UN Regulation 37 for awhile, but as of November 2015 it got moved to the "only as a replacement...
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    Really excellent test of LED bulbs in halogen headlamps

    This is an unusually thorough, scientific set of tests on "LED bulbs" in H11 halogen headlamps. Spoiler alert: a bulb closely comparable to this one completely stomped the "LED bulbs" in terms of the beam performance aspects that really matter to how well and safely the driver can see at night.
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    List of OE bulb part numbers

    Original-equipment vehicle light bulbs tend to be of significantly higher quality than the aftermarket-grade (i.e. "nobody cares grade") bulbs that can be bought at parts stores. Even where any particular brand of whatever bulb can be bought either at a parts store or through an automaker's...
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    Smokin' deal on Philips Xtreme +130 H4 and H7

    As I type this post, this link goes to a 2-pack of Philips Xtreme Vision +130 H4s for under $18 and this one goes to a 2-pack of the H7s for under $20. Looks like a real "stock up and save" situation to me.
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    New JW Speaker 200mm rectangular LED headlamps

    Oh, cool (or I should say "hot"): New JW Speaker 8910 Evolution 2 200mm x 142mm (large rectangular) LED sealed beam conversion lamps with heated lenses and "dual burn" (which keeps the low beam on with reduced foreground intensity during high beam operation). Bunch of interesting stuff about...
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    Genuine Toyota quality...? Hmmm, maybe not.

    What's wrong with this picture? (I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count!)
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    HID kits seized by's a start, I guess

    Article here. The numbers aren't even a drop in the bucket, but I guess it's better than nothing.
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    NHTSA proposes amber turn signals, better low beams, auto beam switching

    NOTE: This is a long post. If you want to quote text from it in your reply, please quote only the specific sentences you want to talk about -- not the entire giant post. Well, this is certainly interesting. NHTSA has put out a proposal and requested public comment (anyone can comment, just hit...
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    New LED headlamps

    Thirty years ago, when composite headlamps came to the USA, I probably would have said something like "In thirty years it might be hard to find replacements for sealed beam headlamps". But here we are today and there have never been so many options for replacing standard round and rectangular...
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    2016 Audi R8 LED Headlights With Avail. "Laser Spot"

    Please go to existing thread here.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Hope everyone's tree is well lit with multicolored lights (yes, even blue ones). -Virgil-
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    How to Evaluate Safety of LED Bulb Retrofits in Brake, Signal, Marker Lights

    LED bulbs, no matter what they look like, put out a different distribution of light than filament bulbs. That means unlike a filament bulb, physical fit of an LED bulb in a lamp does not necessarily mean it will work safely. Safety here means a lot more than just lighting up in the right color...
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    Fogs vs. low beams vs. high beams - a movie

    Here is an interesting Youtube video comparing sealed beams to H4/H1 (quad 5-3/4" round) on a BMW. Change the YouTube view resolution to 1080p, and watch the movie in full screen. It's really amazing how good video cameras are getting these days, and it's interesting to see the increased width...