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    Build Thread - Custom Running Headlamp

    Hi All, Thought I'd share my headlamp after a recent comment to a Thread. I'll make it a quick read. :) Some background: I run quite a few Ultra trail marathons amongst all my other adventures so I'm constantly on the search for better gear etc. I basically started my crusade because I felt...
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    Spare parts

    Anyone know where I can get spare cable clips for a Headlamp such as this one from the Olight HS2? TIA!
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    Olight UK 'Sale'

    Thought I'd share: I see Olight UK store is having a sale soon: :rock:
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    Review: Fenix HL12R

    Disclaimer: The Fenix HL12R was provided for review free of charge from Fenix HQ. Quick mention for those who haven’t read any of my reviews yet; I’m a runner, mostly, but I basically do anything that involves me and the outdoors. I’m the most critical and picky about a headlamp when I’m...
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    User Review: Olight M2R Warrior

    This being my first flashlight review, I tried to apply a slightly different methodology than I do for headlamps.Olight M2R Warrior being the latest addition to Olight’s Warrior series of flashlights. I believe it’s focus is for Military/Tactical and Safety/Self-defence, however every flashlight...
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    Review: Armytek Wizard Pro USB for Trail Running

    Just a quick upfront note: What I try to focus on is user experience and the things that you wouldn’t necessary get unless you have firsthand experience with it. Although I’m a flashaholic as anybody else, I don’t have access to specialized equipment or have in-depth technical knowledge on...
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    *Another* Olight HS2 review - From a Trail runner's perspective

    Disclaimer: Olight SA / Torch SA provided me with a HS2 for testing / reviewing. As Maukka did such a nice and detailed review of the HS2 already and I don't have access to all the equipment he used, I thought I'd base my review from an end user's an Ultra Trail runner...
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    Nitecore HC30 Review - Trail running specific.

    A light that’s no stranger here on CPF. I’m not going to regurgitate what’s already been said so I’ll try and keep it short and to the point and running related. So let me start by saying, wow! This thing is bright! Especially compared to headlamps usually used for the running i.e.: Ledlenser...
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    Nitecore NU20 Review

    Being an avid runner (both road and trail) and lighting enthusiast, I’ve owned my fair share of headlamps and running lights over the years and I'm always in search of new and/or different lights for my excursions. I've recently started paying more attention to the Nitecore range and was curious...
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    Help needed on 26650 cells

    I'm on the search for another place to buy these: since they charge an insane amount for shipping outside of the USA. I found them here as well...
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    XM-L question on heat

    Hi, I've been around this forum for 2 years or so. I have not posted much but learned A LOT!!lovecpf, and decided it's time to mod/build me me a light. I would like to use some Cree XM-L LED(s) but I am lost when it comes to heat sinks.:thinking: What is the heat buildup like on these emitters...