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  1. stamat

    For presentations 635nm 1mW or 5mW

    This is my first post in the laser forum. Hello everyone. I present quite frequently and need a new laser pointer. My old pointer (now gone) was a little dim when used in a big hall with powerful projector. I have my heart set on the red-orange AtlasNova 635nm lasers. The question is: Is the...
  2. stamat

    LED+Incandescent = Excellent color rendition (TwinTask)

    I have always liked the good color rendition of incandescent bulbs, but they tend to become a bit yellow towards the end of (alkaline) battery life. Today I borrowed a StreamLight twin Task 3AA from a colleague and bridged the switch so that both the LED and xenon would light up at the same...
  3. stamat

    Highest Voltage NiMH AA under low load

    I have this great Mp3 player that takes one alkaline/ NiMH AA battery. Quite convenient as I can always bring an extra battery (I dislike built-in batteries). By the way this MP3 player hobby goes pretty nicely with evening walks and a flashlight hobby :grin2: Anyways I noticed that sound...
  4. stamat

    Smoother spectrum LED flashlihgts

    I see that Warm White LEDs are starting to make progress in the efficiency department. "Seoul Semiconductor Unveils Warm White Acriche of 42 lm/W" Anybody knows of plans for a smoother spectrum flashlight sporting one of those Warm...
  5. stamat

    Extreme cold flashlights

    Wonder what flashlights they use at polar expeditions. I guess metal body flashlights are impractical since they tend to stick to bare hands. In his book Alone Evelyn Byrd describes it this way Cold does ***** things. At 50 degrees below zero a flashlight dies out in your hand. At -55...
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  7. stamat

    Older Chargers and new NiMH cells /2700mAh, Eneloop, RayoVac Hybrid/

    I wonder if my 3 year old MH-C401FS Maha charger is good for the new high capacity cells. The 300mA on "slow charge" seems pretty low (0.11C for a 2700mAh cell). On the other side it has been recommended to avoid the fast charge mode of this charger. Could some of the more knowledgeable members...
  8. stamat

    Mixing warm white and cool white LEDs (easy mod)

    I experimented with mixing Warm white and standard white leds in one flashlight. The resutls were quite interesting. Findings: I found surprizingly better depth perception and just ability to "notice" some subtle details. I compared my "mixed led" flashlight with a 0.5W Advancedmart standard...
  9. stamat

    The New Gerber Infinity Ultra-M now for $29

    I saw the New Gerber Infinity Ultra-M for $29 at Base Gear. Advertised as American made and with the better anodizing. Anyone has any clue as to how the beam shape, tint, brightness would compare to the currently sold standard...
  10. stamat

    Warm White LED for better outdoor color rendering

    Advice needed :candle: 1. I find that my LED lights are great indoors, but outdoors the feeling is very ghostly. The light has this moonlight quality and makes objects look flat. I think this has something to do with the spectrum of the LED lights. Light gray tree bark is quite bright and...
  11. stamat

    Prebuilt adjustable (Not Wide Open) sandwiches

    Hello I am new here and trying to get the taste of a sandwich. I love the form factor and the efficiency. Q: Can I actually buy one that can be set to 200 - 250mA? I would love a long lasting light with a high dome Luxeon. I think if slightly underdriven, the efficiency would be highest. All I...