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  1. more_vampires

    30 amp single battery Vinh light using Sony VTC5?

    Hey everybody! You know, looking at that 30 amp continuous rating on the VTC5, I can't help but wonder.... long until a Vinh light "takes full advantage" of it? :) Highest tailcap amps in a Vinh light? Anyone know?
  2. more_vampires

    The wrist light, the watch flashlight. Perhaps the ultimate EDC light?

    Hey everyone! :) So I've had my eye on the Surefire 2211 series since it was announced. Quite frankly, the asking price is true insanity. I wouldn't mind a wrist light, so I started looking for a bit. I found a a million billion links to a couple of China SF 2211 knockoffs, $8-$79. I'm certain...
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    The CPF UV Hazard Thread. Protect your eyes and DNA.

    So we were discussing how to protect ourselves from UV curing light while attaching tritium vials to flashlights with Norland 61 adhesive. This is what happened: The reason I'm posting this is there may...
  4. more_vampires

    The Most Overpriced Budget Lights in the World.

    My jaw dropped when I realized what I was looking at. Regularly $99.90, now for the low, low price of $49.90. You're not going to believe this. The Heider CF1. The $50 Sipik 68. WAT.... THE.... That's a frickin $3 light, are they insane? $47 to have the...
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    Don't you love the American Flashlight anymore? :)

    In this thread: Made in America. Difficulty mode: No Maglite bashing. :P There's been a bit of negativity lately, I thought maybe we could counter it with a love thread. What brand do you love? What do you love about them? My #1 love pick in America is Surefire. Sure, they've done stuff that...
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    Solved! Thanks everyone! Strange flashlight troubleshooting problem? What is wrong?

    Hi everyone. Bit stumped. Light is AAAx1 Nighthawk Bantam twisty 2-mode. Last night, I pulled it out and it was dead. Put a different battery in there, still dead. Put the battery in another light, it worked. Cleaned the contacts, the threads. Rubbed the battery positive connection on the...
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    The CPF Flashaholic Tips and Tricks Thread

    Hey everyone! In this thread: We share and discuss tips and tricks involving our lights. You know the type, the little things that set us apart as the top 2% of flashlight users worldwide. Hacks are always welcome! I'll start with a couple. Improvised ceiling bounce headlamp: Last night, I...
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    Modding my girlfriend's Maglites! Suggestions?

    Hey everyone! Okay, at long last I have finally gotten the go ahead to mod one of my girlfriend's Maglites. This is the only brand of light she owns. She's stubborn. Will post pics once complete. What pushed this over the edge? She got a chance to play with an $1.50 light I modded to P60 red...
  9. more_vampires

    Do you give away flashlights? How often, how many? Price range?

    Hi everyone! As the title says, talking about giving away lights. So you carry a boatload of lights (like I do,) do you carry a light (or more) for the express purpose of charity? What brands? What price range? How often does this come up for you? Stories welcome. Suggested format: 1. How...
  10. more_vampires

    Cheers to FritzHID!

    We had a deal, he made good. Turnaround was very prompt, especially considering we went with a custom lipo battery pack. The light is light as a feather. When I first unboxed, I thought "Oh man, there's no battery in there!" 55w HID, spot to flood. :) Hurts to use indoors... without sunglasses...
  11. more_vampires

    Anyone tried "Cat" flashlights?

    Hey everyone! I stumbled across the Cat line of flashlights. Never seen them mentioned here! Anyone have any experience with these models? I've been looking at their "CT1000 Pocket COB" floody. It looks a lot like a Larrylight. Is this stuff USA made?
  12. more_vampires

    Buying "Weirdest Flashlights" Point us to the weirdos?

    Hi there, CPF! Budget? No limit. Lumens? Whatever. Application? Whatever. Light must be weird somehow. Unusual looking (like the Sunwayman D20a Gemini,) can be a modified light (like my pink Disney Princess child's aaax4 light I converted to P60.) My stepdaughter used to have a large "Curious...
  13. more_vampires

    USB plugin light modules

    Just opened the box 30 secs after FedEX got here! I just rec'd a $12 5-pack of Soshine 1 watt (on high mode) SMDx6 mini plugin modules to go with my 18650x4 USB powerbank. It can run two of these modules at a time with no breakout/hub. These things are touch-on, touch-off, and touch-hold for...
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    New Smileys?

    Hey there! Can we get a new smiley for the forum with vampire teeth? Cutesy Dracula? I think it'd be great for discussing deep discharge flashlights. :) I suppose we can just make our own and then host them through tinypic or whatever? Your friendly neighborhood Elven Jedi Vampire...
  15. more_vampires

    Jailbreaking your flashlight. :)

    Anyone know of flashlights where you can play with firmware? Oveready and Lux-RC are getting their feet wet with this. Armytek used to offer a lot of "under the...
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    You are now a Jedi. How do you function? Unfortunately, the census did not bother to ascertain Force Light versus Force Dark. This is a fundamental problem in the balance of the universe. Those of us who are not just Jedi, but Elven Jedi have even a harder problem. We can sign up...
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    The CPF Diet Thread, Part 2

    At time of OP, it is 2015. That whole Atkins/Sugarbusters/Southbeach/Paleo thing has come to a head! People are talking glycemic index now. When I went through "education," it was basically like learning to be a diabetic. (I know some of those...) Here's the TLDR; Intensively studied paleo...
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    HAPPY 4th of July weekend everybodyyyyyyyyy! :)

    Flashlights, fireworks, and binge eating too many hamburgers. Merica Strong.
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    Cheers to Lumens Factory! YAY!

    Hey everyone. Big cheers for Lumens Factory. I pulled the trigger on some Fivemega bodies that required E to C adapters for my application. I leapt before I looked! Casting about, more and more frantically, nobody had them in stock at the quantities I needed! ACK! Got my stack of E to C...
  20. more_vampires

    1 = 0: Theoretical Flashlight Physics

    For the humor impaired, it's funny. Laugh. Hmmm. There's more to it than this. Infinity, 1 and 0 are only 3 points. As flashlights approach infinity, they become an indeterminate form and collapse under their own gravity. Time must grind to a halt inside the event horizon as flashlights...