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  1. MWClint

    Eiger QTC SS In Stock

    The Logan/cr123 90* is awesomely usefull.. have it on a 2xAA Brass body with a brass Rainier head. I'll drop the light in my pocket and the 90 degree head lights up my path. i'm using NiZn batteries and 2 of them work really well for direct drive rainiers.
  2. MWClint

    Tri-V Light Leak?

    I hope that's 11 in Binary. lol
  3. MWClint

    What 3 lights do you like/use the most?

    I always have these 3 lights on me. so these 3 are used the most. 1. Peak Pacific AA: High CRI Seoul, QTC, Brass head, HA body, Brass Momentary switch, MadMax+ driver, McR16 Reflector, UCL lens, moddoo peak clip and deep pocket clip, brass chain lanyard. <- My holy grail of lights. 2...
  4. MWClint

    Eiger QTC SS In Stock

    oh thats just plain cool. Ordered a Brass Logan 90* Q. will the El Cap 90* fit the older Pacific lights?
  5. MWClint

    Crazy Question: Any Peak Bezels compatible with EX10?

    Threads are not the same. I've modded a Peak Caribbean to utilize an EX10 circuit, but it was not an easy task. One of my favorite mods/lights, It's been a staple in my EDC rotation for over a year now. nowadays, you can get similar...
  6. MWClint

    first $100 flahlight

    My first was a Fenix L0-Ti
  7. MWClint

    Possible to upgrade a Peak Caribbean?

    and this method works very well, lost my Brass Pacific CR2 XLR Seoul Pocket Body in the snow this past winter. found it a couple months later when the snow melted. battery and light worked fine, threads were not tarnished, orings were intact, but dried out, the silvery area around the led...
  8. MWClint

    Any Peak Guru's?

    P4 Baltics are tricky to mod.. but not impossible. once you unscrew the two halves of the head, you'll see an aluminum ring surrounding the led. carefully drill 2 tiny holes on opposite sides of the ring, stop when you are through the ring or you'll damage stuff underneath it. screw in a pair...
  9. MWClint

    what soldering iron do u use

    i use the radio shack mini butane soldering iron. have been using it for 12+ years and they still sell the replaceable tips for it. the tip is small enough to do work inside AAA heads.
  10. MWClint

    Ti Sapphire w/Neutral Cree XP-E

    drilling through the 5mm is pretty simple. just make sure you keep it centered while you drill as you dont want to eliminate the original 5mm leads as they become a structural peice. also in hindsight, i wish i filled the resuling hole in the 5mm with some silicone glue or even AA, to make the...
  11. MWClint

    Source for quantum tunneling composite?

    they are pretty small, but each one can handle up to 10amps. also being so small, they dont take up much space in the body.
  12. MWClint

    Source for quantum tunneling composite?

    i ordered mine here from mutr. ignore their posted shipping rates. qtc's weigh nothing, actual shipping charge for 70 QTC's was around $4 to NY. was just over a week for shipping. (70 QTC's covers their minimum online purchase requirements..i think min purchase was $17 after conversion, total...
  13. MWClint

    Anyone try the momentary switch with the QTC yet?

    Here's one method for a standard keychain body with a qtc and momentary. used a nail with a head on it that fit snugly into the brass momentary. cut it down to size so that the nail+qtc is sitting below the top of the foam spacer. remove the brass nub and spring from the momentary and replace...
  14. MWClint

    Not Gonna Buy Cool White Again! [Join Club Here]

    im this way too. i tend to stick with neutral leds between 4000-4500k, and as for tint at this color temp, i avoid the greens at all cost, I dont mind the blue and reddish tints. warm leds are like underpowered incans...dont like them in a reflector, but they are great as mules. the worst led...
  15. MWClint

    Searching the most efficiant warm white LED chip

    hmm, thats an old typo on mouser's site thats been there since they hosted S2 bins. these are T2 bin which are 88-91lm, which is written on their site, i also verified by calling them and having them check the bin on their packaging. here's a screen of the leds i'm talking about. but when you...
  16. MWClint

    Ti Sapphire w/Neutral Cree XP-E

    sorry gunga, didnt notice your question earlier. it's obviously a more robust mod using the heatsink and i prefer it, but i doubt the 25ma going to the led really needs it. (although the older arc circuit pushes 65ma+ on lithium AAA primary) i dont have the ability to do temperature i...
  17. MWClint

    Searching the most efficiant warm white LED chip has the T2 Bin Seoul, 93 CRI, Neutral whites, 4000K 88-91 lm/w I have been using 20 of these leds all spring to grow tomato plants from seed, indoors. i'm using 5 leds in series epoxied to an aluminum carpet trim bar(5$ home depot) driven by a surplus 16.6v laptop power supply. each...
  18. MWClint

    The Incandescent Tribute Challenge

    after 3 days of using the HO-E1R in the Peak, it's about the same ammount of light i use on my standard edc lights at work, so far im golden... runtime is a tad shorter..but not a problem.
  19. MWClint

    QTC material as an incan soft start?

    QTC material is becoming a hot topic now spanning many of the led forums here. Havent seen any reference to QTC being used as a soft start device, but it seems like this material would fit right into the incan world as well. unfortunatly i dont have any hi-po incans, but it was just an idea to...
  20. MWClint

    The Incandescent Tribute Challenge

    I'm game, i'll be using a Ti Peak Caribbean with an HO E1R and a cut down McR Reflector as my EDC. Caribbeans are such an awesomely sized light.