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    Looking for suitable P60 drop-in unit

    Here you go. It's got 4 modes with double and triple tap extra modes. I picked the 5000K LEDs, it draws 5.6 amps. It should be 2000 Lumens. For $7.00 US they'll also send their P60 version in 21700. Good host but the head and tail are not P60 compatible in the threads...
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    Mateminco MT04vn - Best Perf 4 $$$ R

    Only one cell that I know of, Fitorch has two wrappers and a built in charger. It's 26.5mm diameter and 40.1mm long Vapcell is 26.1mm by 35mm...
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    Mateminco MT04vn - Best Perf 4 $$$ R

    I was picky, I wanted higher capacity and the brightness. I started some 26800 battery threads on BLF got the push going and along with another who convinced Mateminco 26800 was viable. Now a few like Convoy, Mateminco, AMUTORCH and Nightwatch are doing 26800 lights. MT04 is a great light...
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    Mateminco MT04vn - Best Perf 4 $$$ R

    New tubes available for 26800 battery. The brightness of a Samsung 40T with 7000 mAh capacity.
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    21700 parallel battery carrier

    Try this page.
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    The Lounge 2021

    I care about P60vn light engines. I start to feel like I'm one of the last P60 users. Big question, what amperage are you pulling with the SBT90.2 5700K and the Quad Osram GW 6500K?
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    The Lounge 2021

    My Covid was three days of leg shakes then I coughed for a week, very mild. My wife was a bit worse, however she did lose three relatives. I lost 4 people at work and knew I had to get the shots to help stop the disease. Both shot for me were worse than the disease symptoms wise, not a bad...
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    The Lounge 2021

    Vihn, you knucklehead and I mean this in the best way. I raised two boys and this is the last place to ask baby advice on. Try your pediatrician, there what you call professionals.
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    NightWatch NSX3vn NSX4vn - Best Clicky Flooder R

    Forgot to list Mooch's test. His second chart listing the 26800 cell vs Vapcell Red 20amp 5500mah is worth looking at. As the cell in the Vapcell Red...
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    NightWatch NSX3vn NSX4vn - Best Clicky Flooder R

    I found some data on both and the 26800 is for sale in the USA for $4.75. And a test review. also comparing Mooch’s test between the best 26650 and this 26800 it’s about 1400 mah extra at 10...
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    The Lounge 2020

    On my tiny 308 mags I use grip tape to protect when dropped and to add some grip to not drop. Personally from the bottom up about a 2" band
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    Possible 21700 P60 body & tailcap?

    I think several e-mails from our forum to Lumen Factory might also be a possibility. They do have their own style and are to only manufacturer still dedicated to the Surefire compatibility. Maybe some ideas as to what we would want? Then a few polite inquiries into the possibility. They have...
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    Possible 21700 P60 body & tailcap?

    While we are mentioning Surefire and Solarforce heads, don't forget Lumen Factory. They just came out with some D36 stuff.
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    Possible 21700 P60 body & tailcap?

    I've been wanting a 20700/21700 P60 since the batteries came out. Texas Lumens started the builds when only the 20700 was on the market. Specifically a 20700 body for the Sanyo NCR20700B. His stuff is thick enough to be bored 21700 an is an option he has. A 15 amp 4000 mah battery would...
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    PFlexPro Site Down Temporarily

    I talk to Randy occasionally. He's in a huge project that he never seems to finish. He builds everything himself. He really needs a few talented crafters to get him up to speed.
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    The Lounge 2020
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    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    The Olight Warrior X Pro driver is pushing that XHP35 pretty hard. Would an XHP50.2 fit inside? I don't use a lot of throw, I do use some throw with wide spill. This light being so darn near perfect, could it take the the change?
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    SBT90 G2 LED - The 2020 Thrower LED

    Any idea of the amps for those two levels; P60vn90 = ~ 3500L, 55Kcd, 469m Max Performance with Samsung 40T: 4300L, 70Kcd, 529m
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    That's the K30 GT. It has a slightly bigger head and is driven much harder. From their site; "NOTE: In order to achieve POWER&ECO modes, the K30-GT must be installed with 3 x 18650 high drain batteries that can produce at least 12 Amps of current. The ECO mode can be achieved by using...
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    [4K Review] Astrolux MF01 MINI - 21700 Power!

    I bought the Aluminum SST20 5000K version and theCopper head/Aluminum body with the Cree XP-L 5000K. Banggood only bought the Cree XP-L's on the Copper and Brass versions of the Mateminco light. Cree XP-L's 5000K 3B has a much better tint and raw output over the SST20 5000K's. When running...