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  1. divine

    WL-S1 Question

    I have a WL-S1 that I got from Gearbest. How do I buy a WL-S2 tube so I can use an 18650 with this light?
  2. divine

    Good quality "Pointer"

    I didn't see a thread with suggested buys for pointers, if there is one, please point me to it. When I think pointer, I think Laser pointer, maybe I don't need a laser pointer. If that is the case, please tell me. I would like to get a pen style pointer. I work in an office where I point at...
  3. divine

    Is this spam?

    I really can't tell, maybe he's a legit guy with a bad sig? Post #8 in this thread:
  4. divine

    Leviton Uses Seoul Acriche.

    *edited* Please close. *edited*
  5. divine

    Streamlight Microstream Tailcap

    Has anyone taken theirs apart? This thing has a AAA sized forward switch, but I can't get the thing apart to get at it. I hope someone knows how to get at this. Thanks.
  6. divine

    Nitecore Extreme vs. Super Defender Q5!

    Hello everyone. It's me, your favorite winner of this week's drawing! Actually I'm the only winner of the drawing this week. :o Anyone who wants to can check out their thread on CPFMP. The prize I received was a choice of one of the budget lights they carry. I chose the...
  7. divine

    New Surefires

    Surefire sent out an email a bit ago mentioning some multimode led products. :whistle:
  8. divine

    Overcharged 18650.

    I was charging some 18650's yesterday, and I had about 6 I needed to charge, so I was using my Pila charger and since I had a Wolf-Eyes charger I've never used, I decided to use that. I put two blue Trustfire 2500mAh's in the Wolf-Eyes. One went green pretty quick, I checked it with a DMM and...
  9. divine

    Interesting Street Lights Solar powered, LED... Something doesn't seem to add up. They say that a 4 hour charge will run the 50 watt light for 40 hours. They must mean a real charge and not a solar charge.
  10. divine

    Where does everyone get their Neutral GDP's?

    I searched around for a while and I can't find anywhere that sells Neutral GDP's in quantities less than 200. Does anyone know where to get a few of these?
  11. divine

    Is there a low brightness, long running incan setup?

    One that is somewhat small? A 6P or smaller, probably an 18650 setup. With <10 lumens of output? Preferrably around 3 lumens. Does anyone know of such a setup?
  12. divine

    Do you know what is holding up the P61L?

    You know what I just thought of? A spring won't draw enough heat away from a high powered LED module. We know this... If Surefire releases the P61L tomorrow with a spring as its heat sink, it isn't going to work. If Surefire releases the P61L tomorrow with body contact as its heat sink, it...
  13. divine

    What is the best looking and best performing neck wear light?

    I'm looking for something tiny that someone can wear around their neck. I was thinking the T1A, because of the Titan ad, but it holds a CR123 and I think that will make it a little too big. Then I was thinking a Titan, but I can't find any dimensions of the Titan (or the T1A). Then I was...
  14. divine

    What lights does the Eagletac Clip fit on?

    I see that the two way clips are going to be available for purchase. Does anyone with an Eagletac know what other lights the clip will fit on?
  15. divine

    Malicious thread?

    I'm using the google chrome browser, and when I go to the thread: It warns me that it may harm my computer. Is there any truth to that? Thanks. :)
  16. divine

    GE Vio LED

    Has anyone seen this LED from GE? It seems a little large for a flashlight, ~1 inch square, and the forward voltage is a little high, but it looks promising.
  17. divine

    If Malkoff had a discount for LEO's...

    How many people here would be looking for a new Part-time job? :D
  18. divine

    Jet-1 MK I.B.S. heat sink questions

    It's a small light, I think the Jet I puts more current to the LED, making more heat... and it's a smaller light. So, more heat to smaller aluminum makes the light hotter. I ran my Jet I MK IBS the other day for 5 minutes on max cause someone said their battery was dying after 5 minutes and the...
  19. divine

    What is your Emergency light?

    The light you carry for: if a critical situation arises. The light you carry, but avoid using because there might be a time when you REALLY need light. I carry an EX10 GDP for this. I guess my ARC AAA Snow is also this type of light. I don't use it much and it can be depended on.
  20. divine

    AA Limitations

    It seems like lights with the AA form factor cannot drive an LED to it's full capability. AA nimh's (Eneloop) are capable of 4A of current, but AA alkalines can only give out ~ 1.2A. So, a nimh is able to handle enough power to drive a Q5 at happy levels, while an Alkaline can only drive it...