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  1. sween1911

    Bringing a 6P in to the 21st Century

    My take on modernizing the 6P. I happen to have my 6P in my bag today... Specs: - Bored to 18mm by me aluminum rod chucked in an ancient 1/2" Milwaukee drill a lot of duct tape a lot of sandpaper. - Module by me with a smooth reflector, Dr. Jones H17F programmable...
  2. sween1911

    Bringing a 6P in to the 21st Century

    Depending on how old your 6P is. If it's an older collectible version, maybe with a round bezel and lexan lens, I say put it aside and put CR123's in it and save it for posterity. If not, then go with a Malkoff unit and a 16650 if you don't wanna get it bored. If you get it bored, 18650's are...
  3. sween1911

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    In my continued quest for the perfect homebrew module for my Surefire M3, I have yet another board and emitter on the way from Mountain Electronics. This batch is going to be a single-purpose 1-mode blaster. 3A Qlite board with the old reliable XM-L2 in a neutral white. Always persuing the...
  4. sween1911

    Are they worth it?

    These days, the 18650 Li-ion Protected rechargeable battery has replaced the ubiquitous (2) CR123's that were all the rage 10-15 years ago after Surefire laid the foundation. I know we've beaten the "flashlight recommendations" to death around here, but I'll stand by my go-to: Fenix PD35 with...
  5. sween1911

    strangest thing you seen while playing with your lights?

    Couple years ago, a friend and I went for a night hike on a local trail. It was lightly raining, I had a Princeton Tec headlamp on. I looked out in a field and saw a few dozen eyes looking at me, just the reflective dots of eyes of large animals. At the time, I had a Surefire A2 clipped to my...
  6. sween1911

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Against any and all possible reason, I have an incan 2D Mag coming from the 'bay. Also have some parts coming from Mountain Electronics, among them a nice new 26650. I'm moving my Malkoff module (the Mag one that Gene made to run on NiMH's or a single li-ion) from a treasured 3D to the 2D and...
  7. sween1911

    Do flashlights have shelf lives?

    Re: How long will flashlights last in storage? Get some good silicon grease for your o-rings and seals, don't leave alkalines in the lights, you should be good to go! Whenever I get those little silica packets from luggage, clothing, or whatever, I put them aside and use them in various gear...
  8. sween1911

    Anybody got a link to the Surefire Beast Cave Picture?

    FOUND IT. Actually found Willie's old website in my email and it's in his March 3rd list of links... Fantastic lights and gear and action pics!
  9. sween1911

    Lens of old gen Surefire Z46 (M3)

    That's a very early M3 bezel with the Z32 style snap-in Lexan lens. The light has the crosshair logo on it, so it is a very early example! I would say a replacement glass or borofloat lens would NOT fit. They're pretty thick if you ever take one apart. I don't know that you can get the...
  10. sween1911

    What are the reasons for carrying low-lumen lights?

    My EDC is and always will be a gen6 Surefire L1. The UI is perfect. I adjust the tailcap so it will just hit high if I mash the button all the way down. It's bright enough for tactical usage, and the low is perfect for everything else. It's got that greenish older Surefire led tint and a...
  11. sween1911

    Identifying the version of a 3D Maglite

    Hey buddy, you can email your serial to Maglite (use the contact form on their website) and they can tell you exactly when it was manufactured. If the head was significantly older, it would be a bit too wide to fit. There's a wealth of info on LiftdT4R's website...
  12. sween1911

    Can my dinosaur ROP (Roar of the Pelican) be saved?

    Hey Danny, First, no one will ever suggest you should get rid of the 2D! The Malkoff 3D-6D drop-in or the AdventureSport Firefly should work perfectly off the 6AA holder.
  13. sween1911

    Anybody got a link to the Surefire Beast Cave Picture?

    Hey guys and gals, I used to have a hi-res copy of that picture on my computer, you know the Willie Hunt cave expedition with the Surefire Beast pointed at the ceiling in a huge underground chamber. I can't find it, anybody have a link? I used it as my backround on my work computer for about a...
  14. sween1911

    What was your first loved flashlight?

    The early Brinkmann 2AA that was a direct copy of the Mini Mag. Bought at the K-Mart in Rio Grande, South Jersey just north of the bridge into Wildwood. Same headshape as the Minimag except the head was non-removable. Carried that thing everywhere, my first real EDC.
  15. sween1911

    Incandecent to led conversion

    Malkoff VME head lets you run a Malkoff Drop-in.... (this is just the head without the drop-in) You could get this and an M61 (the M61N is neutral tint and a favorite of mine) and be good to go.
  16. sween1911

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Snagged a Nitecore D20 from ebay.
  17. sween1911

    Nitrolon is underrated

    Yes it did... mostly. There was a thread on it somewhere... AH! Here it is... (If I had to do it again, instead of cutting it near the head like the OP did (he used a lathe to precisely fit them together), I'd remove...
  18. sween1911

    Nitrolon is underrated

    I made an attempt at a 1-cell G2, or "G1" light. I was surprised how thick the Nitrolon walls were where I cut it down.
  19. sween1911

    Took my kids to a Corn Maze at Night - Flashaholic's Dream

    Took them again tonight, this time the wife came along. Everybody’s loadout, carefully lanyarded to each person... Me: Malkoff Hound Dog 18650 - Backup PKFL2 LE Daughter: Fenix TK35 XML Son: Fenix PD35 Wife: Klarus XT2A
  20. sween1911

    Centurion C3 dillema

    You can run a quality drop-in like a Nailbender (Customlites) or Malkoff with a single 16650 or 17670. You can also run (2) 17500's in a 3-cell light if the drop-in will support up to 9V. Always loved 3-cell Surefires. Back in the incan days, it was an overwhelming amount of light. Very...

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