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    My flashlight just flash once after putting the endcap on

    So this looks like my most expensive flashlight cookup so far. I should have tried on a cheaper flashlight...but... impatient.. I have an Acebeam W10 gen2 which I wanted to mod with an external switch. Instead of waiting for a suitable one in the mail, I desoldered the switch from the endcap and...
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    Nichia LEP H11 headlight bulb

    Headlight Revolution have got their hands on this H11 fog/auxilliary light bulb and demo it here: I have tried finding more detailed specs of it, and a place to purchase one, but no luck so far. I am toying with the idea of creating a search light from multiple LEP...
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    Powering Lupine Betty from car battery

    Hey all, I've been lurking on this forum for years - first I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone, the expertise here is awesome. For reasons unknown to man... I've managed to build a bit of a Lupine collection. My excuse is bike riding, skiing and hiking... but I love good quality lights...

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