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  1. saypat

    Zebralight H604c vs H604d (only beamshot)

    Thank you Stefano! I have always appreciated your knowledge and sharing of Zebralights in the Forum .... obviously LOTS to time and effort involved.
  2. saypat

    Zebralight H604c vs H604d (only beamshot)

    Stephano, do you prefer the H602W over these?
  3. saypat

    Zebralight H604c vs H604d (only beamshot)

    I'll take a 4500 K :shrug:
  4. saypat

    Lucifer S headlamp

    very nice, just needs a LOW....
  5. saypat

    Defective Zebralight H600fd MK IV?

    most gracious reply....
  6. saypat

    Who else is excited for the Zebralight H503c?

    Zebralight doesn't even know the lumen output yet?
  7. saypat

    NEW Zebralight H603d, H603c, H603w shoot out

    are these out? I always wanted the H602W, it is my dream light. Now an H603W?
  8. saypat

    ZL h602w best battery uk

    The H602W is one of the very few lights I don't have, but crave!
  9. saypat

    Nitecore HC30 Field Testing Review.

    Can't believe I watched the whole thing :grin2: I enjoyed it. Lots of work went into it. You have a great sense of wonder, most people lose theirs. I have the same light, but it sits on my desk. Thanks for your review/video. Here is a light you might want to try, over 7,000 lumens be enuf for...
  10. saypat

    Anyone have the Nitecore HC30W?

    I have the HC30. I want the NW :mecry: There is quite a drain on this light. I ruined one cell already. Lesson learned. Do the tailcap lockout.
  11. saypat

    Nitecore HC30 vs. Zebralight H600w MK II?

    Re: Nitecore HC30 vs. Zebralight SC600w MK II? I have the HC30. It's a fairly nice light, compact, lightweight, 5 modes and 3 flashies, great output, and a decent beam. I'm not much caring for cool white though. The thing I don't like about it is you have to hold the switch down for a bit to...
  12. saypat

    Zebralight 602w

    and here I thought it stood for 'winner'.
  13. saypat

    Zebralight 602w

    oh my goodness, you got my dreamlight, the H602W!!! Could not be floody enuf for me! I know it's too late now but you should have looked thru this thread...
  14. saypat

    *new* Nitecore T360 and HC30

    nice setup on the bike! I like my HC30. The 1000 lumens on high seems higher than most 1000 lumens. Still getting used to holding down the switch to shut off :thinking:
  15. saypat

    H600FD mkiii looking good

    H602W is the one I want badly.
  16. saypat

    *new* Nitecore T360 and HC30

    really liking this one. Love the 100 degree spread!
  17. saypat

    Acebeam H10 1x18650 headlamp with MT-G2

    those beamshots make me interested again...
  18. saypat

    Acebeam H10 1x18650 headlamp with MT-G2

    well this offering didn't seem to go over so well, or there would be more posts. Or maybe people haven't received them yet? Or haven't ordered? Zzzzzzzzzzz.
  19. saypat

    Acebeam H10 1x18650 headlamp with MT-G2

    thanks for the picture! Appreciate anything else u might want to share on this light. Is it one click on , and then rotate the top head? Typical MT-G2 tint, ~ 5000k? thank you! patrick
  20. saypat

    Acebeam H10 1x18650 headlamp with MT-G2

    available at HKE today....

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