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  1. LogicalBeard

    Lux-RC pocket clip

    My FL-33 flashlight is in desperate need off a pocket clip. I would be very grateful if anyone would sell me their pocket clip. Thanks.
  2. LogicalBeard

    Aeon mkiii version one with the 219b emitter

    Hi, I’m looking for an Aeon mkiii version one with the 219b emitter if anyone is willing to part with one.
  3. LogicalBeard

    219c triple max lumens output

    Can anyone help? I have a 219c hi CRI 4200k triple emitter on a Minion flashlight with the 371d version 2 lux-RC engine. It looks like the highest mode uses 17 watts. I am using a Keeppower 1200mAh 18350. What would be the max lumens and the formula to figure that out?
  4. LogicalBeard

    219b vs 219c

    In a current regulated light, such as the Aeon Mk III S2, that has a 219c emitter, what would happen if I swapped it out for a 219b? Would it be dimmer but keep the same runtimes? How much dimmer? 20%? Would high mode (160 lumens) be the only mode affected? I realize the algorithmically way our...
  5. LogicalBeard

    mini ml-x emitter swap wanted

    Is there anybody out there willing to switch my brass Mini Ml-X foursevens emitter for a 4000k 219b? Vinh switched it to a XML2 U2 5000K a while back. It is one of my favorite lights but I never carry it anymore due to the tint. Phillip
  6. LogicalBeard

    Safe discharge question about CR2 rechargeables

    I bought "SUPEREX 6 PCS of 3V 400mAh CR2 Battery 15270 15266 Rechargeable LiFePO4 Battery" off of Amazon. The description says the "End-off voltage" is 2V and that there is a "built-in safety circuit". 1.) Can anyone confirm that it is safe to discharge these to 2V? 2.) Can anyone confirm...
  7. LogicalBeard

    If two of the same current regulated flashlights pull different amps, what does that

    I have two of the same model flashlights. One is made of titanium and one is made of copper. The titanium one pulls about 100 mah more than the other on high with the same battery when using a fluke to measure. Is this because one of the emitters is more efficient? The body material? Can...
  8. LogicalBeard

    Looking for someone that will replace the tritium in my MBI

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a modder that will install/replace the tritium tubes in my MBI-HF-R?? Preferably the US but if I have to I'll ship it overseas.
  9. LogicalBeard

    Methodology and factors contributing to guesstimating lumen outputs based on amps

    I was curious if there was a shorthand way to guesstimate the lumens a light puts out by knowing the amount of amps it pulls. For example, if I know a flashlight pulls 1 amp on the high mode with a 3.7 volt battery with an xm-l emitter, and is constant current, is a reasonable guess possible...

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