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  1. Robe

    Sold/Expired Prometheus Beta Titanium

    Message me [emoji3590]
  2. Robe

    Sold/Expired FW3A/KR4 combo

    Doing some fundraising. Would like to sell these as a set. FW3A with warm white (3300k). Beautiful light. I did the tail mod to add a bit more click and it’s beautiful. Nubbin is in the box with all paperwork also. Noctigon KR4 w Nichia 3500k. Has both 18350/18650 body tube, additional...
  3. Robe

    Sold/Expired HDS Rotary, 2700k special run.

    First owner. I’m a bit uneasy selling this. It’s my favorite light, however I need a bike to start going into the hills with my growing son. So decisions. It’s in good condition but it’s been used. I added the oveready clip per a tutorial here and live the result. $310 shipped. SOLD
  4. Robe

    Sold/Expired FW3A, w mods. Sst20

    Traded for this light. Loved it so bought the warm white version. This one came to me with no lock ring on the tail. I’d never know it had one, if it ever did, until the WW one came. I took out the nubbin and replaced it with an irony that gives it a much better click but you have to make sure...
  5. Robe

    Sold/Expired Muyshondt Maus / Olight S2 Baton

    Just doing some housekeeping. Great condition alum Maus, some marks where the key ring sits. Has two unopened batteries in addition to the original battery, which hasn’t been used much. $80 (now sold and shipped) Olight S2 baton. No battery is included. $30.
  6. Robe

    18650 light

    I only have one 18650 light for around the property so it doesn’t get a ton of use, but I seem to have an over abundance of 18650 batteries. I’d like to pick up a single 18650 battery to keep in a bag. I prefer neutral or warmer tints and value hiCRI greatly. I’m considering something...
  7. Robe

    Sold/Expired SOLD - HDS firefly glow reflector

    I bought one of the reflectors shown here: HDS Firefly 100% Diffuse GITD Reflector I’ve decided it’s not for me. The GITD is...
  8. Robe

    Sold/Expired HDS Rotary 200n HiCRI with universal clip

    Great condition HDS Rotary. Silver bezel and flat button. 219b 4000k sadly discontinued by HDS. I believe it’s 93CRI. Bought this direct when I upgraded my older 170n. Used and carries though I’m very gentle with my things. Mechanism is amazing. Smoothest and best tension on any of the...
  9. Robe

    Sold/Expired Malkoff Hound Dog

    SOLD! Just added a Wildcat and it’s much more suited to my street and our back yard, the intended use for this light. And so I’m moving on the hound dog, which is simply an amazing light. It’s got a high/low switch in neural. Here’s where it gets tricky. I’m not sure what I like more, the...
  10. Robe

    Small to medium floody light

    I pined for a Malkoff Hound Dog for a while. When the Mrs. asked for a light for some walks to the bus stop I saw my in! I love the light, and have no plans to get rid of it, but it's not what I ended up needing for my more frequent uses. I've now got my eye on a Wildcat V6, eyeing the slightly...
  11. Robe

    Sold/Expired Malkoff Wildcat V6

    Looking for a neutral/high cri v6 wildcat, md4 with tricap or head only. Anyone passing one along?
  12. Robe

    Walking light.

    My wife walks the kids to the bus stop and it’s dark in the morning. She asked for a flashlight. She wants something a bit larger, like a maglight size. She’s prefer single mode. I’d like recommendations for something like that.more specifically, 1 or 2 mode. I’d prefer high/low A bit longer...
  13. Robe

    Small EDC

    I am looking for a light that's unobtrusive to carry in semi-casual office attire, mostly slacks. I love my HDS, but it's very bulky and the lack of a clip often conflicts with pocket space with a slipjoint knife if I want both. I would prefer a clip and a slim light that's easy to carry. My...
  14. Robe

    Sold/Expired Oveready Boss 70

    I have a Boss 70, XPL, red, that I'd like to trade for the same light in amber. Any takers?
  15. Robe

    New torch request

    I am looking for something a bit brighter than my HDS. Wouldn't mind a lot brighter! Not a daily user but capable of edc. 1) How would you prefer to purchase the light? Online 2) Budget: An easy question, but you may change your mind after answering the rest! :-) Preferably under $300...
  16. Robe

    Alternate to Lenslight Micro

    Regrettably I sold the Lenslight Micro that I previously owned. I found it to be a great edc and I want something to replace it that can actually be found. ;) In brief, I'm looking for something similar in size (aaa size light), but battery type is not very important, just something small. I...
  17. Robe

    Sold/Expired Lenslight copper micro delta

    Had one. Sold it. Regret it. Can you help? ;)
  18. Robe

    Sold/Expired HDS Rotary, 170N

    Bought this in March from illumination supply. I lost it recently when it fell out of my pocket at a theater. I was researching replacements and discovered a few new options, so when the theater found the light, I decided to order a replacement anyway. Light is in excellent shape. It does have...
  19. Robe

    Sold/Expired WTB HDS Rotary / high CRI

    Bought one.
  20. Robe

    Flashlight for a gift

    I think I'm getting a pretty decent grasp of a lot of the lights that are in the group of lights that I would prefer, but I'm kind of at a loss is filling the kind of light that I want to give as a gift. I'm looking for a Christmas gift for my father-in-law. he's not a flashlight connoisseur...

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