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  1. markr6

    ZebraLight Mods

    I have a few off-brand replacements on my list at Amazon just in case...but luckily the original ZL band shows no signs of giving up.
  2. markr6

    ZebraLight Mods

    My old band is 8 years old now and I use this all the time. Works/looks like new. The new one is cheap elastic with much less rebound. Darn seatbelt. It could last, but I'll need to wait a while to know. I know for sure it changed 2018 like you said, but not sure how much earlier.
  3. markr6

    ZebraLight Mods

    Sorry I was referring to the elastic band being hard and coarse material. Not the rubber holder. I'm not sure if that changed since I didn't look closely at that. The old band was more elastic and easier to adjust. And I'm betting it will last longer. The new one feels really cheap.
  4. markr6

    ZebraLight Mods

    I love the older ones. The new ones are junk. Hard, crispy type material with weak stretch. And you can no longer simply slide the plastic buckle to adjust; you have to grab that and then a piece of the band and pull it awkwardly.
  5. markr6

    Zebralight H600Fd Mk IV: Zapping the Green Tint

    I bought a big piece of this a while back. Rosco Roscolux 1/8 Minus Green, 20x24" #279 Absolutely amazing results, but I don't like the janky setup of taping on a piece of plastic or wedging it in there. Wish there was a better way.
  6. markr6

    Which non-headlamp while backpack camping?

    H600w is used extensively. Sometimes I'll add in my SC600w HI which is usually just "for fun", but sometimes very useful when needing to see farther away. Worse case, it just serves as a backup battery holder for my H600w.
  7. markr6

    Zebralight H600Fd Mk IV: No Branding or Model Number

    I like the clean look, opposed to some companies that seem to want to rival the amount of logo/printing of a NASCAR uniform.
  8. markr6

    Best Responsible Resellers for Zebralight With Great Customer Service?

    Their website is very basic, and I wonder if the contact form is sometimes not working for some people. From a technical side you would think this is simple, but I've struggled with it in the past building websites. For whatever reason some people got the notifications, some didn't. That's just...
  9. markr6

    Zebralight still the way to go for a AA headlamp?

    An absolute must! Besides, holding a flashlight in your mouth is very uncouth :)
  10. markr6

    Setup for difficult backcountry navigation

    I use an older H600w with diffuser tape and sometimes pair it with my SC600w IV HI. It's a great combo. There were times when I didn't really need more than 70lm to hike comfortably, but sometimes in a new area or bushwhacking off trail, more light really puts your mind at ease. Obviously, this...
  11. markr6

    Zebralight still the way to go for a AA headlamp?

    Yes, a 3-mode light out of the box with appropriately-set sublevels...if you even want to mess with them.
  12. markr6

    Zebralight still the way to go for a AA headlamp?

    I found the anodizing to be exceptional, and VERY consistent, on all the lights I purchased since about 2015. Before then, you got thin anodizing, thick anodizing, greyish, olive, etc. That inconsistency was very annoying since you were already guessing on what kind of tint you would get.
  13. markr6

    Zebralight still the way to go for a AA headlamp?

    I wish my local seller was still around. I went there in person and tried about a dozen lights out of a box (guessing about 50 or so lights in each box). They we're pretty much all completely different from the next one! The tint lottery is no fun to play.
  14. markr6

    Zebralight H600Fc Mk IV - First Impressions

    I've always meant to get a pic after all these years but keep forgetting. I'll try to remember today. But to describe it, you take the lamp out, run the strap thru a slot from the bottom, then thru the round hole then thru the other round hole, then out the other slot. It seems strange but once...
  15. markr6

    Zebralight H600Fc Mk IV - First Impressions

    I like it after routing the strap thru the part that holds the lamp as well. Nice and smooth against my head with no irregular or hotspots. After extensive use with one of mine while backpacking it still looks and functions like new after 5 years now.
  16. markr6

    Malkoff Headband for MD2

    I was going to say, I think I would have to visit the chiropractor the next day after trying this.
  17. markr6

    Zebralight H600/H604/H600F MKIV headlamp

    I can't wear it as is. I undo the strap and also pass it thru the two rings as well - the round parts that actually hold the light. It sounds weird but I've been doing this on all my headlamps for years and it works great: 1. It's comfortable since you have a solid, smooth piece of rubber...
  18. markr6

    Zebralight H600Fc Mk IV - First Impressions

    I guess I'm just going along with the majority, which is a standard I'll willingly accept. When I buy bulbs that are 90+ CRI, I like them. I always have. I don't ask the manufacturer questions like "is this moonlight" or "compared to sunlight at 3:12 PM".
  19. markr6

    Zebralight H600Fc Mk IV - First Impressions

    It can be subjective...but 37 years of subjectivity for me. So I can only continue to trust what my eyes see.
  20. markr6

    Defective zebralight H600FD MK IV

    Another one...bummer! Did you contact them thru the website after logging in and submitting a request? I would give it another day then submit another one, letting them know you already tried once to contact them.

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