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  1. boo5ted

    Tool 2.0 Deep Carry Pocket Clip

    Finally got around to finishing up my work EDC. Absolutely HATED the clip that came with the Tool. It started out as a black Benchmade deep carry clip from my Mini Bugout, I stripped it so it matched the light better(might even order a Ti one, maybe). Plan was to just tap the lanyard loop and...
  2. boo5ted

    ZT0456 hardware question

    Does anyone know what the thread pitch is for the pocket clip screws on an 0456? I'm actually looking to use a spare clip/screws for another project and just need two nuts to complete it. Thanks.
  3. boo5ted

    Lumintop Tool DIY kit

    Anyone else see Lumintop is offering a DIY kit for the AA Tool? Just ordered one in Panda White.
  4. boo5ted

    14500 Titanium EDC

    Looking for a new 14500 light. I've narrowed it down between a ReyLight Ti Lan or an Eagtac D3A. Only requirements are titanium, pocket clip, tailcap clicky and 400 lumen min. If there are others out there feel free to mention them. And go...........
  5. boo5ted

    Nitecore MH12GTS charging issue

    I've got a MH12GTS and it will not charge past 3v using the usb cable. If I charge the battery with an external charger it will fully charge to 4.2v. I've tried other 18650 cells in the light with the same results. Anyone else have this issue with any of the other nitecore lights? I've...
  6. boo5ted

    This is just a test......

    Testing, testing, 1,2,3...... :wave: :(

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