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    Rayovac Sportsman 150 Lumen 3AA LED Mini Lantern

    I got the Rayovac Sportsman 70 Lumen 3AA LED Mini Lantern a few years ago, now they come out with the Rayovac Sportsman 150 Lumen 3AA LED Mini Lantern, I want to upgrade the LED for the old lantern to same like the new lantern. The picture is the LED from the new lantern, Anybody know what kind...
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    Orb raw battery

    My Orb raw battery died, anybody know where I can buy the good RCR2?
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    Help, Nitecore light need fixing

    My neighbor (a lady) ask me to take a look at her light, Nitecore EA4. The light is dim, all mode is dim, I put my Eneloops in it, still dim. The part inside the tailcap is broke off from the tailcap, so I put my EA4 tailcap on her light, it still dim. Do you know where I can sent the light to...
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    Xtar MPS Single Li-Ion battery charger (usb powered)

    Anybody know is there any review about this charger?
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    Any body know any good RCR123 battery beside AW's?
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    Surefire Turbo lamp Assembly N2

    Anybody know where I can find the Surefire Turbo lamp Assembly N2 for sale? Or a replacement low power lamp Assembly for the KT2. Please PM me. Thanks
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    4Sevens Quark Mini CR2 Ti.

    "If you can't beat them, join them." Today, I see thing diffrent, 4Seven selling the Quark Mini CR2 Ti for $99 come with 2 batteries, that's it. Anything come in the mail after that is a bonus.:) Anybody with me?
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Year of the Tiger! :party::party::party:
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    Kipor generator

    I'm seaching to buy a generator for power outage use, anybody know how Kipor generator compare to honda generator?
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    Surefire AA lights

    I saw this light at "Icon Rogue 1 RG101A RG104A RG102A" It's say "Designed by Paul Kim at SureFire" Anybody know anything about this light?
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    Open the Nitecore D10

    Just for fun.:grin2:
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    My FENIX TK10 Review

    My review compares the Fenix TK10 to the T1. For the spec. price and pictures for the TK10 My review: The TK10 beam is smoother than the T1, but the T1 is a little brighter. The handling, the TK10 got more grip. The...
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    None Rechargeable AA

    Any body know how many kind of none Rechargeable AA? I know one kind is "Alkaline." A friend of my say "Heavy Duty" kind is not "Alkaline", is it true? :candle:
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    This is my 10 Crees Makita light and my U2 (WWOS). Running 1.8 amp, last about 40 minutes. Make my car HID headlight look like a minimag. :grin2:
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    Sold/Expired FS: McLux III PD(Sold)

    I brought from The light too nice for me to carry, only test. $205 shipped. USA only (Sold) First "I'll take it" get it. Paypal or Postal Money Order.
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Fatman driver

    Anybody got extra? :candle: pm me. thanks
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Lux V WWOS Star(Got it)

    I need 2 WWOS Star. Pm me with price. thanks
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Blue CR2 Ion Flashlight

    Anybody want to sell? pm me. thanks
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    ebay Unpaid Item Strike Received

    If you got this "Ebay Unpaid Item Strike Received" in the email, don't click any where in the page. Just copy and paste the no. to ebay to see if it real. It's a "spoof" mail.
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    Sold/Expired FS: Lionheart (withdraw)

    1-(withdraw)The Lionheart is used with a little ding on the head, I put the TWOJ in the light, very good condition. $165.00 shipped, US $155.00, now $150.00 2- The Vip is used, the high is not working, low and med work good. $100.00 shipped. US $90.00(WITHDRAWN, got it fix)...

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