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    LUMINTOP THOR I LEP 385lm 18350 1200m Flashlight Group Buy - Interest Check

    I wonder if the head is thread compatible with anything else?
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    I love my Zoomie

    My most used light is a heavily modded ultrafire u-f10. Custom lexel driver with an xpl hi produces up to 1000lm. And I had it bored for a 18350
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    D65 "Video White" and High CRI Flashlights - Mind Blown!

    After multiple tries and errors in the range between 3700 and 6500k I am now sure that the true white is at no less than 6500. I do admit that 4000K is much easier on the eyes, but we are talking white here. I am looking forward to trying 7000K and cooler tints in 95+ cri
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    LUMINTOP THOR I LEP 385lm 18350 1200m Flashlight Group Buy - Interest Check

    perhaps 10x wrong estimate on the lux
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    What are your favorite LED emitters, why?

    My EDC mule is based on a combination of 3x 5000K and 3x 6500K optisolii so it should be around that high noon 5700K cct. This is a great! tint. But the perfect one is the pure 6500K one. I am waiting for a quad mcpcb with these leds to arrive and eventually replace the above-mentioned mule
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    Cleaned, sorry
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    Wanting an Amber LED flashlight, what Amber LED would be best?

    A broad spectrum warm white is entirely different thing than the amber which is nearly monochromatic.
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    up to the top
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    18350/18500 Battery Compartment Pre-Sale

    Instead of a sleeve which would be immediately lost, I d prefer a pack of very cheap disposable friction tubes mostly for cr123 cells.
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    So hard to find a good high cri light nowadays

    I have a 6x optisolis mule, 5700K. 3x 5000 + 3x 6500. this is a fantastic tint but I think I prefer the 6500k. nothing has been better to me than that in any case, the optisolis is head and shoulders above the e21a at any cct
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    Prices reduced
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    Shipment with tracking costs me $7, but all the prices are inclusive of the shipment. I just wanted to explain price structure for the pills, that is why I mentioned shipment cost.
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    Prices adjusted
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    This^ Amended the ad though
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    Great! I will throw in 3x 5600K and 3x 3200K yujis, just need to get to work and fetch them. I will send you my pp info later tonight
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    As you can see in the first pic of the set, the Koala ring which is shown up side down has no contact pads. I desoldered them for I needed them for another ring which is not part of this sale
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    Sold/Expired [CLOSED] : surefire lights and legos

    Re: WTS: DEFT-EDC-X, Tana Optisolis SuperLE Mods: please close this thread, I just opened a fresh one and moved the unsold item there
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    Sold/Expired WTS: (mostly) Surefire stuff

    1. SF lego. The body is that great Fivemega 1x18350 with a e-series front end and an integrated mcclickie. I this this series has been the best replacement of stocj e1 body, very high quality. It had taken me a long time to acquire one here on CPF but soemhow I ended up preferring the e1e as is...
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    Have we witnessed the death of the audiophile? ...

    I would also mention that if you have junk at the source then you would expect either compressed or uncompressed junk out of the system. And so many recordings are just junk at the source that I really don"t see much sense in investing so much effort in the system. I used to be a videophile...

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