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  1. Shorty66

    To Consider Before You Purchase a Headlamp

    I think USB-recharging will play a greater role to newcomers in the future. There are some USB-rechargeable lights on the market now and this greatly decreases the impact of having a particular battery type. Lots of newbs dont want to buy an extra charger to use 18650s but would do if the light...
  2. Shorty66

    Ideas for Improving Headlamps

    I, too think overall comfort is really important. While Zebralight excels in battery comfort (only one normal size AA, easy opening sealed compartment, lockout) the headbands are a nightmare. I like The ZL UI but i think ZLs don't cover all the needs of a headlamp user. Also, ZLs are comfortable...
  3. Shorty66

    Smallest headlamp?

    Thats been me. Though it doesnt quite get to the e+Lite size as its based on a H60 and a Zipka Headband. Try to imagine a retractable headband wich is in line withe the rest of the body - a simple tube where the headband is stored in the extension of the battery tube. That way the light could...
  4. Shorty66

    Smallest headlamp?

    I still hope that someday zebralight will release an AAA Headlamp with a retractable headband (like the new e+lite)...
  5. Shorty66

    Experience with ZebraLight H51 in freezing cold

    I used my ZL H51 multiple times in -20°C and below and never got a problem. I realized though, that its easy to drop the battery cap while changing atterys with gloves on. I think zebralight should attach the cap with a plastic strap or so.
  6. Shorty66

    Any headlamps out there that does not use an electronic switch?

    Zebralight h50 might be avaible used.
  7. Shorty66

    Long runtime, very small headlamp

    A modern h30, yes. You could of coursejust buy the h30, didn't think of that one ;)
  8. Shorty66

    Long runtime, very small headlamp

    Reading your other Thread i think, that waiting for the Zebralight h302 would be a good choice. As Zebralight is pretty sketchy on ETAs you might have to wait a Year or more for that light, though. The H502 doesnt support 14500s but its still a good alternative if you dont want to wait...
  9. Shorty66

    A set of lights for a world downfall.

    You can easily use most AA lamps with triple As by using a spacer. That spacer can easliy be made of any conducting material. It certainly works with Zebralights. At least in the german towns i lived in (6 till now) AAs were always more easy to come by.
  10. Shorty66

    A set of lights for a world downfall.

    Dont ever buy lights with different batteries. AAs are most common - far more common than triple As andf they also have a much higher capacity. If you buy lights with different Battery-types you WILL at one point run out of batteries and wont be able to use some from the other light.
  11. Shorty66

    A headlamp with few specific demands for a world downfall.

    id say ditch the second light and only buy the h502 and a really strong light. You will use the h502 most of the time anyway and if you really need to see far you will want to use the strongest thrower you got. The h502 also is great as a handheld light - don`t underestimate that headlamp ;)...
  12. Shorty66

    I demand a dual-LED Zebralight Headlamp

    I dont really need stepless controls, either. I would just like dial controls as they allow you to have many modes and still reach the right mode fast. Stepless would also need a more complicated driver design. I think some dial like the e+lite from petzl would be great. Perhaps the beampattern...
  13. Shorty66

    I demand a dual-LED Zebralight Headlamp

    I dont think, that the UI on a dual beam headlamp needs to be confusing: I would use two magnetic "selector rings", one for brightness and one for beamshape. Magnetic selector rings are waterproof and easy to operate. You would have stepless brightness and beamshape control. Edit: I am one of...
  14. Shorty66

    I demand an interchangeable bezel Zebralight Headlamp with o-ring

    I still think, that the press-fitting should`nt be the problem with the waterproofing. If its done correctly, a press-fitted light should easily be waterproof enough for ip67. In my point of view, mutiple beam options are only as good as they are easy to use. As i would never change the...
  15. Shorty66

    I demand a dual-LED Zebralight Headlamp

    Hello, from other threads and my own experience neither a pure Flood headlamp, nor a combination of spot and spill will cover all tasks a typical headlamp-user encounters. Other manufactures (especially caving-specific) do produce lights with multiple emitters, covering flood and spot...
  16. Shorty66

    Lack of Zebralight H52 chatter

    I think the h51 is too big. The H52 should be more along the lines of the h501/h502 in terms of size. On the other hand i would rather like to see a zebralight with seperate flood and spot LEDs. Just like the Petzl nao uses two different leds for spot and spill, but keeping the typical tubular...
  17. Shorty66

    Headlamp Survey Results 2011

    I think you are just on the right track uk caver! I would love to see a two-beam zebralight, one flood and one pure throw. Each with three different light levels which could be chosen independently. For example .3 lm, 15 lm and 60lm for the Flood beam 15 lm, 50 lm and 150+ lm for the throw beam...
  18. Shorty66

    Why the Lack of Innovation?

    Thats zebralights flaw: the headbands/mounts.
  19. Shorty66

    ZebraLight H600(w) XM-L 750 Lm

    Thats another good reason for a new holder design. Using a clip, it should be easy to design a holder which can also be used while a clip is installed. Thus the time needed to switch between beltcarry and headlamp mode would be reduced significantly.
  20. Shorty66

    ZebraLight H600(w) XM-L 750 Lm

    I dont really like topstraps but for those who do this slot is really nice. Interesting though, that they didn`t include a removeable one. I think a good Headband for the Zebras should contain the following features: A quickrelease-type holder (i like a clip but it could also be some kind of...

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