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    A canister made without a lathe

    Hi guys, Thanks for your help on various aspects. I'd like to tell a little about my build, struggles and choices, some of it might help you not to run into the same problems. My goal was to build a canister for heating, based on available plumbing materials, as I have no access to a lathe...
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    Any good tips on small indicator lamps?

    Hi, for my canister, I'm considering a piezo pushbutton. But in that case, I'll need a small indicator light on the canister (for suit heating). Advice on what indicator lights/3/5mm LED holders that are suitable for high pressure is very welcome! Best regards, Eskil
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    Another newbie's canister questions

    Hi, thanks for letting me in.. :-) I've enjoyed some great reading in here now and then, but time for a question. I'm working on making a canister for a heat vest, to have the batteries outside for safety. As I only have access to a milling station, not a lathe, I'm going for 50mm PVC pipes...

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