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    Lumens vs. candlepower

    Back in the day all spotlights and flashlights were rated by candlepower. Now everything is rated by lumens or lux. Apparently LED's changed all that. Anyone explain the difference and how do they compare?
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    ACEBEAM ARC-18650H-310A batteries

    Anyone have any experience with these batteries, good or bad? They are hi-drain 20A , 3100mAH. Kinda pricey but should work real well in hi-drain apps. thanks Rob
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    Best thrower available

    Looking for recommendations for the best thrower out there. I have a TK75 that throws a real good distance. Looking for something even better. thanks for all replies and comments. Rob
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    Fenix TK72R

    Anyone have any experience with the Fenix TK72R 9000 Lumens? Haven't seen any reviews on this forum or on the net. Pricey for sure. thanks Rob
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    Continuous amp draw question

    When comparing 2 18650 button-top protected batterys with the same volts 3.7 and same 3500 mAH. Keeppower is supposed to be a rewrapped sanyo/panasonic cell. How then is two like batterys having the same Volts and mAH have different continuous amp draws? Sanyo NCR 18650GA protected buttontop...
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    18650 preferences

    This subject has probably all ready been beaten to death, but. Wondering which battery is the most popular on this forum. E.I. Keepower black 3500maH...NCR 18650GA red....Fenix3500 maH. Or others..I personally use the black Keepower. Have tried many others and they seem to be the best bang...
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    Sold/Expired Fenix TK75 Extension runtime kit

    Hi all: Newbee to this forum. Its great reading. I have a fenix TK75 flashlight. Its a great light. I love it. Have been looking for the extension tube kit to increase run time. I see its been discontinued. Cant find one anywhere for sale. Not even "e-bay" ! Hoping someone on here mite...

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