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  1. Shorty66

    I demand a dual-LED Zebralight Headlamp

    Hello, from other threads and my own experience neither a pure Flood headlamp, nor a combination of spot and spill will cover all tasks a typical headlamp-user encounters. Other manufactures (especially caving-specific) do produce lights with multiple emitters, covering flood and spot...
  2. Shorty66

    ZebraLight Mods

    Hey guys! I have seen a lot of cool mods for Zebralights from different peoples around here and thought, that it would be quite cool to have one Thread which contains them all. I suggest, that everyone who has made some Mods posts ONE post to this Thread containing all his Mods. I would like...
  3. Shorty66

    small 18650 thrower

    hello! I am searching for a really small 18650 thrower. Small means, no giant reflector, not attackbezel and as short as possible. I Would like the dereelight c2h but it uses cr123. Is there anything like that wich uses 18650 for better runtime on high?

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