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  1. Delta

    Other than anodizing...anyone use other coatings?

    I've looked at Duracoat, and some of these fancier spray coatings by the spray paint at Lowes. Is there anything anyone here used anything to dress up or re-finish lights that they like?
  2. Delta

    Need help finding lenses

    Can anyone point me to some US-based suppliers where I could find various sized glass lenses for lights? Thanks!
  3. Delta

    Are there "generic" mulitple sized lanyard rings?

    I've been playing with different things modding lights and such. I just got a batch of Glo-Pulls and was working on some lanyards. Not all lights are inherently condusive to attaching a lanyard. I was wondering if anyone sells/makes something like the rings Surefire has that go between the body...
  4. Delta

    The Ultimate Ghost Hunters Flashlight (See it to believe it)!! I couldn't believe what I saw on the cover of my new Security Cameras Direct catalog. It's like a Flashlight and a DVR had sex and had this for a baby..... You're's a FLASHLIGHT WITH A RECORDING IR DVR CAMERA BUILT IN!!!! AAAAGH! Might be more interesting if I...
  5. Delta

    Where to find wire?

    Looking for the size wire that commonly comes attached to the board in flashlights. My friend and I have been trying to mod Nuwaii lights and they all seem to have the same amount of wire in them: Not nearly enough. So the first step would be replacing the wire with longer. I figured DX would...
  6. Delta

    A helpful tool for modders...

    I get all sorts of catalogs in the mail and in one of them I found something that could be very useful, at least with soldering jobs that don't give you a lot of room to work with. It's only $7.50 too... Found Here...
  7. Delta

    Has anyone modded a Rayovac Sportsman Extreme 3C?

    I have one and it will be one of my first 3 star-swaps I'll do. Unscrewing the head gives access to the emitter, but the star seems to be held down with rivets, or something like that. Has anyone swapped stars on this light, and if so, how'd you get those off?
  8. Delta

    Is DX the best place for buying LED's?

    If I want to only get a couple at a time, is DX my best bet, or is there someone else modders prefer?
  9. Delta

    Those of you posting bait and switch threads

    How about everyone who is posting new threads just come right out and say what they want to talk about? I'm tired of clicking on threads that say something like this: THREAD TITLE: FENIX R2 LIGHT (I assume someone has info on a new light) 1st POST CONTENT: Anyone know when they'll make one...
  10. Delta

    Tiablo A9 Questions...

    First: Are they as bright on 18650 as on 123's? Second: Do thet REALLY run over 3 hours on High? I find that hard to believe. Thinking about getting one...thanks!
  11. Delta

    Tiablo A9 Questions...

    First: Are they as bright on 18650 as on 123's? Second: Do thet REALLY run over 3 hours on High? I find that hard to believe. Thinking about getting one...thanks!
  12. Delta

    Current best online 123 deals?

    Whos got the best deals on primary CR123's right now?
  13. Delta

    What rechargable options will work well with the Fenix TK10?

    Just got my TK10 and it is a scorcher. I love it. However I still, and always will hate having to buy 123's. What, if any, good options are there for this light?
  14. Delta

    Question about Fenix store

    it's been awhile....and I didn't know where to post this question. Does Fenix Store email a shipping notification when they ship, or no? Ordered a TK10 this morning and was wondering if it woulda made it out with the pre-orders being shipped today. Thanks to any who know. I've ordered from there...
  15. Delta

    More fun with Heat Shrink Tubing

    I didn't get it to slide all the way down on this first attempt(hence the bezel not being covered), but I found that 1/2" HS tube works great on the body of a SL Stylus Pro. Very tight and grippy...almost seems like it was made that way.
  16. Delta

    Where can I find....

    A basic Dummies tutorial on how to solder/swap out an emitter? I'm sure there must be one here somewhere, but I can't find it.
  17. Delta

    Does anyone have any GOOD pics of the L2D in Olive?

    I have not seen a personal pic of this light yet, and I've looked all over. If someone has some, will they post it please? I'm having a REAL hard time deciding between a few lights.
  18. Delta

    1XCR123 Rominson RC-V4 is N-I-C-E!

    I was a bit dubious after being the only one to get a bum unit of that other rominson light that is so popular, but this one blows that one away! This is the model that looks like that Blue-Strike model that just came out. It comes in Black and Silver. The fit and finish all around are...
  19. Delta

    AA batteries that you charge from USB port...with USB plug IN the battery!

    WTF? You ask? I agree. See for yourself:
  20. Delta

    Good holsters that fit an Ultrafire C2

    I have 2 C2's, one regular, one Q5 that don't get enough use due to the akward size/shape. Does anyone know of a pouch that fits it? Or maybe something like a baton-tube-type holster. ANYTHING?

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