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  1. Katherine Alicia

    Need a new flashlight. I broke my Streamlight 2AA

    The Manker T02 is my fave 2x AA light and it`s built like a tank, it will also take Li-Ion batts as well.
  2. Katherine Alicia

    What are the popular single AA flashlights these days ?

    I can`t comment on what`s "popular" or not because i don`t know, but i have several AA based lights that might be worth having a look into. 1xAA: Manker E03 Sofirn SP10S Lumintop Tool AA 2xAA: Manker T02 Thrunite Archer 2AV3 Maglite Minimag 4xAA: Sofirn SF11 I have all these lights myself...
  3. Katherine Alicia

    Exploding Flashlights

    And they`re generally just a usefull thing to have, I use mine for testing watch batteries quite a bit.
  4. Katherine Alicia

    Astrolux FT 03

    if you have a 110 to 5v USB adaptor then you can use that, sure :)
  5. Katherine Alicia

    mod old torch led with 3 button lr44

    IIRC Varta used to make little pcb mounted 3.6v rechargable piles for RTC backup etc... maybe if you get hold of a catalogue you can have a look through and see if any of them fit? they`re usually NiCd but may have some NiMH too.
  6. Katherine Alicia

    my new most hated light

    I have seen a few on Reddit take tubes off existing lights that fit the GT nano thread perfectly and then stick bigger batts in there. I don`t know if that`s helpfull at all?
  7. Katherine Alicia

    Help me pick my next 18650 EDC light

    if I was buying again from the start and I wanted "dual fuel" so I could run primaries as well then a P60 based light would be my choice, the Seraph SP-6 (or UniqueFire R5 is the same light for half the price!) will do 18650 and Cr123 primaries and you can swap out the light module anytime you...
  8. Katherine Alicia

    BRITELITE Flashlights- Anyone using this?

    I realise this is an old thread and post #3 and #4 are probably shills, But!... I got a hold of one of these lights for free in a deal, and I`m really impressed! it`s not a great build quality and the rechargable battery pack didn`t come with it, but it did take 3x C cells, and I replaced the...
  9. Katherine Alicia

    surefire 6p led

    Not anymore it won`t I accidentally welded it in the ON position tonight with a quick accidental battery short at the Bulb side :sigh: I`v got new one on order and it`ll be a good opportunity to change the boot color (I never liked the orange).
  10. Katherine Alicia

    5 flashlights you are expecting or looking forward to in 2021?

    I`v focused mainly on completing my Ican wishlist this year and I`m waiting on 2 more lights (in the post) and then I`m pretty much Out for a while, I want to start concentrating on my Music again. I think 100+ lights is enough for now ;)
  11. Katherine Alicia

    surefire 6p led

    Thanks for the link, I had to smile when I saw the username, it`s the same person I`m buying my HO-R5 P60 bulbs from for my WF-500 :)
  12. Katherine Alicia

    surefire 6p led

    Omigosh! I`m gunna have to spend a day playing Lego now, maybe even rope in my Ultrafires and KDlitker E6 as well for lots of P60 incan goodness :D
  13. Katherine Alicia

    surefire 6p led

    Groovy! I`ll give it a shot later ;)
  14. Katherine Alicia

    surefire 6p led

    Well I like the fact that`s it`s a Forwards switch and does momentary like my Seraph SP6, but I`d prefer it if it locked in place, the twisty thing`s a bit of a pain for single handed use. I`ll have a look around and see if I can get one of the McClicky switches in the UK for a decent price. :)
  15. Katherine Alicia

    surefire 6p led

    Cool, my first twisty then! that`s certainly a nice addition to my "collection" :)
  16. Katherine Alicia

    surefire 6p led

    That`s great, Thanks! :)
  17. Katherine Alicia

    surefire 6p led

    Quick question... My Surefire 6P LED arrived today and I`m curious about the tail "switch". if you want the light ON you have to screw the tail cap all the way on and then undo it a little to switch it off, if you try clicking the switch it`s momentary only and doesn`t actually click per se. Is...
  18. Katherine Alicia

    Forward vs Reverse clicky & why?

    Forwards for Incan, Reverse for LED with modes.
  19. Katherine Alicia

    how did are ancesters get buy with candles

    definetely before, I`v seen candle holders and oil lamps with reflectors and even lenses from the Victorian era ;) here`s some: an interesting article...
  20. Katherine Alicia

    how did are ancesters get buy with candles

    I love candles and have at least a 1000 of them at any given time, there`s just something cozy about them. I thought I`d do an experiment one day, and see just how viable it was to do embroidery by candle light the same as it was done in the 1800`s when women would sit and do needle work by...

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