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  1. Lynx_Arc

    Where are the flashaholics?

    I noticed awhile back that I went from a flashaholic to a "Well-known member" during the forum changeover. Does anyone else miss seeing flashaholics everywhere here in the forum?
  2. Lynx_Arc

    A nicel single 18650 lantern I bought years ago.

    I bought a small LED lantern a few years ago that takes a single 18650 cell and liked it but it got flaky and I found that when they assembled it a wire was crushed under the plastic where it shouldn't have been. I took the lantern apart and while trying to fix it I was testing my soldering job...
  3. Lynx_Arc

    Interesting and useful COB LED 2x18650 magnet work light I bought.

    I don't have pics for this but here is an Amazon listing of the light. I bought mine on Ebay and got one with Orange trim for about $1 less it says China on the listings of this item 9000 lumens COB is keywords for this light there and on ebay it can be bought in up to 4 different Colors Red...
  4. Lynx_Arc

    100 lumen LED 3AA desk lamp at Dollar Tree

    I just picked up a $1 desk lamp at Dollar Tree today and am pleasantly surprised at the bargain. It uses 3AA batteries and I have 3 duraloops in mine. Output seems to be on par with 100 lumens and color it probably 5500K or so slightly bluish output but not bad. It uses a cheap clicky switch...
  5. Lynx_Arc

    Meridian LED Tap lights

    I just splurged on a 4 pack of Meridian LED tap lights and have mixed feelings about them afte trying one. First it isn't a "true" tap light as a small "slice" of the circle on the outside is where there is a marked "on/off" symbol that you push in the click the light on/off. It has a spring...
  6. Lynx_Arc

    Saw A New LED light at Aldi's today

    I saw an interesting light at Aldi's and if my budget wasn't a mess right now I would have been tempted to get it. It was a work light that I think had 2 18650s in it (6600mah) and one COB LED.. 2500 lumens I believe it said (maybe only 2000). The one thing that intrigued me was it specifically...
  7. Lynx_Arc

    New 1000 Lumen Energizer Lantern spotted at Target

    I stumbled into Target and had a look at their flashlight section and spotted the usual stuff but they had a larger greenish lantern on the bottom shelf that was about $40. It was an Energizer 1000 Lumen lantern. The lantern was oblong shaped and didn't take any batteries (built in rechargeable)...
  8. Lynx_Arc

    How many people still use light sticks

    When I was growing up we used to get light sticks or bracelets at the fair and the light was fun not as much for the purpose of seeing by it but getting noticed. With the onset of LEDs that take small amounts of power you can buy LED light sticks for cheap, not as cheap as a light stick but...
  9. Lynx_Arc

    New Milwaukee 12A lithium ion tool batteries uses 21700 cells

    I had thought it wouldn't happen nearly as quickly as this, power tool companies embracing larger than 18650 cells in their battery packs. I figured they would stick with 18650 cells for the size/shape/weight etc. I saw a new 12Ah milwaukee tool battery at Home Depot last night and it looked...
  10. Lynx_Arc

    hard hat lighting

    I've been wondering what flashaholics do for lighting when wearing a hard hat at work. At times I need a light on my hard hat I mostly end up using a LED/COB flashlight with a magnet on it for lighting it would be nice to have a clip on solution that can easily be put on and taken off when...
  11. Lynx_Arc

    Firefox gave me a warning I had to ignore to come here.

    I got a warning that this site is a deceptive site and it says the site may try to trick folks into installing software or giving up personal information etc. I'm guessing others will also get this warning who are using firefox 50.
  12. Lynx_Arc

    Are CFL bulbs gone from Walmart stores now?

    I went to a Walmart super store (has grocery section also) yesterday and occasionally I drift into the light bulb section just to see what new offerings and prices are and saw halogen incan bulbs (standard screw in) for $4 or more a pair on a separate aisle apart from the on bulb aisle (one...
  13. Lynx_Arc

    9v USB LED light

    I had a cheap heavy duty battery in my fluke meter that I put in it because I was out of alkaline batteries and it finally showed up BATT in the display so I took it out and checked it on my battery tester and it was between 5 and 6 volts. I had a cheap dollar store LED light but it was flakey...
  14. Lynx_Arc

    A few Ebay budget lights I bought lately

    I've had been given some ebay funds awhile back and also have gotten into salvaging laptop battery packs and with all that have gotten into usb powered LED power banks and such on the cheap. With all the free 18650 batteries I first bought one cheap 1AA battery zoomable "3 mode" LED light then a...
  15. Lynx_Arc

    Quick review of Opus BT-C100

    I recently saw this charger in threads here and looked it up because I've been given some laptop batteries and also been playing with power banks and USB powered devices and needed to check the capacity of batteries I have as some seemingly don't last too long and others seem to discharge...
  16. Lynx_Arc

    Where do I get a new lens for an Olight O'pen?

    I bought an Olight O'pen about a year ago off ebay and it is a good light and I dropped it and cracked the lens and it now has fallen mostly out leaving the LED and reflector unprotected. I was wondering if there was a way to get a new lens for this light it is about 9mm? in diameter I think it...
  17. Lynx_Arc

    Project to convert an Isotip nicad battery powered soldering iron to 18650 power

    I'm considering converting my old orange Isotip rechargeable soldering iron to take an 18650 battery instead of 2 subC nicad batteries (in series). I'm open for suggestions. I've found the following information: Tip resistance 0.5ohm calculated current draw (@2.4v nominal) 4.8A estimated power...
  18. Lynx_Arc

    Duracell Powerpix batteries leak too.

    I bought a digital camera about 6-8 years ago and it came with a pair of duracell powerpix batteries dated 2015. I put them in a ziplock bag in with my camera as I use duraloop AAs and had them for backup and today I checked and they spewed white goo inside the bag both batteries leaked. I'm...
  19. Lynx_Arc

    Mediocre Review of $8 Defiant 250 Lumen Flexible Light

    I'm not going to post any pictures right now but I will give you a link to what it looks like I bought it at Home Depot I think they may be the only place that sells the brand. First off the light comes in...
  20. Lynx_Arc

    Aluminum Ion battery charges in one minute..... Some interesting points in the article. 1)charges in a minute 2)7500 cycles 3)cheaper 4)2v output 5)won't flame or explode 6)flexible 7)2.6 times energy density possible? (vs lithium ion) Perhaps we could see these...

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