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  1. maukka

    Question about Fireflies ROT66 Gen II SST20 5000K ramping brightness

    That is the intended behavior and configurable in the Anduril software. From the ROT66 product page on
  2. maukka

    500 lumens for 4 hours?

    Just as a sanity check, no current flashlight using an 18650 will do 500 lumens for 4 hours. That would be 2000 lumen*hours and at an excellent 140 lumens per watt would need a battery with a capacity of 14.3 watthours. No such 18650 exists at the moment. Cold weather makes this task even more...
  3. maukka

    REVIEW: Lumonite Leader High-Power Headlamp

    Well that's one manly headlamp. 5000 lumens for two hours is quite amazing. Always nice to read about stuff from my neck of the woods. Thanks for the review! If that 100Wh battery seems to heavy, there's also a 75Wh option. Good choice going with XT30 connectors and not with your typical DC plug.
  4. maukka


    A 1000K LED wouldn't be considered white light but red. Red LEDs do exist. Nichia E17A in red (1000K) or amber (1800K) or the two mixed together (1400K) would probably be closest to what you're looking for as their spectrum isn't peaky at the dominant wavelength.
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    Folomov EDC C1

    The battery LVP is at 2.5 volts.
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    Ultra High CRI AAA option, JetU E21a, and JetU Solis, post your beamshots

    Here's an imgur album link for 1 JetUE21a (2000K) and 7 Jetusolis (2700K, 2x3000K, 3x5000K, 6500K). Measured from the hotspot. I recommend getting Optisolis for CCT 5000K+ and E21a for lower.
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    NI-AL-Bronze and 464 Naval Brass HDS going on sale...

    Those are stunning! But what's up with the shoddy knurling? My Al is perfect, but those look very uneven and even different depths between the body, head and tail.
  8. maukka

    Knife Review: Lionsteel M4

    I always enjoy your reviews, but how is this different from me posting a review on BLF and just linking it here inside a new thread? Which is obviously not allowed.
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    Single 14500/AA flashlight with throw. Anything new out there in 2019

    Astrolux S2 / Astrolux SC / BLF X5 Lumintop GT Micro (edit: this is side switch).
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    [Review] Folomov EDC C1

    The head does come off just above the clip. It's glued.
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    to much fun like this should be illegal

    OP meant discharging. The MC3000 can charge at 3A on every slot simultaneously no problem, but can only discharge at 2A on one slot at a time (4x1A is fine however).
  12. maukka

    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    It doesn't take a week to drain a 16340 in an HDS on minimum level (about 3-4 days). With a ZL and an 18650 you will be counting months or a year even. And you still have money for a cab.
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    The Official Zebralight Thread .

    This is most probably due to the battery experiencing a very high internal resistance. At a high discharge current a freezing cold battery will probably droop in voltage and the light just assumes it's discharged.
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    HDS Systems EDC #21

  15. maukka

    21700 Flashlight that Can Maintain 700+ Lumen Output for at least 45 min?

    The upcoming Wuben TO50R (4x LH351D 5000K CRI90) fits the bill, but you'll have to wait for it a while longer. In its current form there isn't a 700 lumen output mode, but the 1250 lumen high mode will step down to 850 lumens and stays there for about 2 hours. On a bike it may not even step down...
  16. maukka

    HDS Systems question

    Just tested the standby drain with locator on. It'll take about 3.5 months to drain a 600mAh 16340. Minimum level will work for 76 hours, which is pretty bad. The MCU doesn't seem to sleep at all when the light is on.
  17. maukka

    First Encounter with an HDS Rotary XP-G 200 Cool White

    My floor is a great test for CRI and especially R9. It's just much more vibrant with a good LED. Images unaltered from a phone. CRI80 (219C 5000K) CRI90 (219C 5000K)
  18. maukka

    Sofirn C01 Potted AAA w High CRI

    Someone compared it to the Fenix E01 driver and said it is similar. So constant current boost driver. It'll probably run for 10-18 hours regulated and after that starts to dim down (specced runtime is 35 hours). I think I read that it will use all the juice from the battery if you let it, so...
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    DARKSIDE | NYMPH (10440 twisty Fet+1 flashlight w/ 4k 9050 219C)

    Maybe have the level 4 at 255/255 7135 and 0/255 FET? The output difference is minimal compared to the current config, but it would be a bit more efficient.