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    Why don't 26650s have more capacity?

    So I made this silly chart comparing battery volume sizes and their "potential capacity" if compared with a 3,500 mA 18650. So for example, a battery that truly has the dimensions of 21mm diameter and 70mm length has 147% more volume than 18mm diameter x 60mm length battery. And a 147% of 3,500...
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    Flashlight modding starter kit

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the suggestions! You make some good points about encouraging younger minds to tinker... the bad news is I think you talked him (and me) to blow past the $60 budget barrier... the good news is we're thinking bigger! :)
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    Flashlight modding starter kit

    My friends son wants to get into building and modding flashlights. Any recommendations for a starter type kit... hopefully not too many different sources! :)
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    [Review] - Armytek Zippy - Keychain Flashlight, 200 LED lumen, USB - by Lock

    Sorry I should have clarified... Armystuff breaks often and when you email them or try to get them to fix it they don't typically answer; this forum is helpful to post about your bad experience just for the sake of getting them to answer; then you get to start the l-o-n-g process of sending...
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    Klarus HR1 Plus 600 Lumen USB-C Rechargeable Lightweight Headlamp

    My favorite 18650 light to run with is the Fenix HP12 - the simple reason I found is that the battey at the back is pretty close to the weight of the light at the front and that really helps... almost more than being light. I'm curious on this light: - anyone get it wet/underwater? How did...
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    [Review] - Armytek Zippy - Keychain Flashlight, 200 LED lumen, USB - by Lock

    Thanks for the review! But just to clarify, (not to be a stinker), NO! It does NOT come with a 5 year, no-hassle warranty! On a positive note, I also think the pocket clip/horizontal beam looks interesting... as in clipping it to your shirt pocket to light what's in front of you. I think for...
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    ACEBEAM X80 UVC 275nm LED

    Re: ACEBEAM X80 (UVC 3535 275nm LED) for antivirus, protect you from virus!! Acebeam pushes the envelope but they're also consistently cavalier with safety. I remember when I posted here about a K70 shorting, smoking and almost blowing up in my car before I grabbed and threw it out the...
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    How should I choose a burning laser?

    Good job etudiant! I'm pretty sure we all share bad info from time time... I know I have. But THAT was the best response to a correction I think I've ever witness in 15 or so years of reading forums! :)
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    LambdaLights Hydra Triple X-ML

    Fun memory for me too! I so loved my 3 D size with (4) C in a PVC tube, dedome SBT 90 1. I'm thinking it boasted something like 80Kcd and almost 2K Lumens; Without question his UI was the best... What I'd love now is a (3) C size Mag Light running on (2) 26650 batteries powering a SBT 902; and...
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    Acebeam K65GTvn - Ideal Searchlight Size R

    A bit off topic Vinh but I've got a K70 with the XHP 35Hi which has the rear clicky and the selector ring to pick output. How hard would it be to swap the XHP 35 with the SBT 90 and keep the selector ring functioning?
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    Eagletac S200C2vn & G25C2vn - Rear Clicky Tactical

    Quick Question Vinh... are these #'s on your website: referring to the specs with the larger S200C2 head? Does is work in the G25 as well and any lumen/lux guestimates in that? Sorry... 1 more question! :) Any idea how efficient the new SBT 90 is at lower levels with a single 18650? For...
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    Eagletac S200C2vn & G25C2vn - Rear Clicky Tactical

    I got the G25C2vn with the white 2.0 several months back. Of the dozens...(OK... more like hundreds--but I use them for gifts! :eek:) of lights I've used I have to say this was my favorite EDC/go to light! The combination of +/- 950 Lumens & 140K lux resulted in an excellent shape beam profile...
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    Smallest light using the new SBT 90 gen 2 emitter?

    Thanks Patriot! I noticed that also and was confused by Acebeams size specs....
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    Smallest light using the new SBT 90 gen 2 emitter?

    Thanks Carpentry Hero! I like that size of the k30 and the numbers are quite impressive...
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    If buying this online, is there a way to distinguish the versions with SBT 90 gen 2 emitter from the older models? I found adds with contradicting info in them...
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    Smallest light using the new SBT 90 gen 2 emitter?

    Looking at Vinh's stats of the stock Acebeam K75 he tests 4,800 Lumens and 1.55 million cd with a 5" head. I'd like both a smaller light also with a floodier beam (though still in the thrower category) and was wondering if a 2.5"-3" head size could get #'s close to 4,000 lumens and 5-800Kcd...
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    "Bathroom-trip in the night" flashlight recommendation?

    I use my Vinh modded Eagletac G25C2 - I'm sure it's not the best for your question but here are my reasons: - It's the light I want next to my bed. - It has a superlow moonlight with his VN4 (?) driver: +/- .2 lumens. That's enough to get to the bathroom easily. - I leave it on during the night...
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    The best "1 light to rule them all" XL EDC light

    So I've bought a lot of lights... perhaps more than a hundred :help: but let me clarify than the vast majority of those are gifts I give to other people. (Tangent but I work for an NGO doing relief work in war zones disaster areas. Presently I'm between Iraq & Syria. Getting supplies in and out...