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    Mag4D Back in the Family

    Great post......My 13 yo daughter just got her pink AA mini m@g upgraded and loves it. She has taken it on all of her past sleepovers as well. It now has one of Downloads sweet drop-ins. She remarked to me recently that she can't wait to show her friends how much brighter it is now! My 15 yo son...
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    Budget Showerhead Mag Drop-in.

    I just received my Fusion 36 and installed it in my 6D Mag, but unfortunately I cannot get it to light up at all. Sorry for what must seem like a very noob question Don't worry about the "noob questions", We all have gained knowledge here. Like my late grandfather used to tell me..."The day...
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    Sold/Expired Mini-Maglite AA Drop-in kit - 2nd Run (Closed)

    Hello, I'd like to be put on the list for 1 warm tint when they become available. Thank you. Mike
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    Malkoff 2D M@g battery options?

    Thanks Hotlight, I did go the Nimh route and used it all weekend camping in the North Maine Woods. Very impressive, just chocked the oversight of grabbing the 2D instead of the 3-6D up to Newb learning curve. It's still a Malkoff though!
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    Malkoff 2D M@g battery options?

    Hey guys, I was so psyched to see a drop-in available on Gene's site I bought it before noticing that it is a dedicated 2D M@g only. I was in the market for the 2/3 D model and had done some research as to what cells I was going to put in that one. This one has an input vtg. range of 0.8 - 3.3...
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    New guy saying "Hi!!"

    I'm glad I know where to go for some peer/moral support in weak moments! You guys are an absolute RIOT. And yes, I am showing a plethora of those signals too.....but until now I thought they were indicators of something from my childhood. Afraid of the dark possibly? Much relieved now! :thanks:
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    New guy saying "Hi!!"

    You are already past fledgling given you've mentioned batteries in your opening welcome statement. Clearly a sign... you've got the disease my friend, and the only cure is either more cowbell... no, strike that, there is no cure. Ha-Ha, that's funny.....I woke up last Saturday morning and...
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    New guy saying "Hi!!"

    Thanks for tossing out the "Welcome Mat" guys! Chicago X...I have just started my journey, so I don't have anything close to exotic...yet! I built up a cheapo Rayovac IN2D ($3.74 Lowes special) with 3 CR123's and a KPR118 bulb ($1.18 Radioshack) and fab'd a PVC battery sleeve. Then purchased a...
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    New guy saying "Hi!!"

    Hi! :wave: I'm Mike and I live in Southern Maine. This is a new record for me...I only belong to 3 other forums, but I was a Lurker on all of those for years before deciding to register! I stumbled onto this site less than 2 weeks ago and here I am! I'm registered due to the fact that I'm...