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    How can I contain a 26650 fire?

    I regularly charge 18650 and 26650 batteries unattended. I'm charging several at my house right now but I'm at work. The danger is a bit scary so I charge the cells in the middle of a concrete floor, a few feet away from anything combustible. I'd like to move the chargers permanently to a...
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    Q: AAA NiMH battery recommendation for cordless phone

    I picked up a Panasonic cordless phone system about a week ago. The factory cells were broken in using a BC-700 and showed 320~350 mAh of capacity. I also have one hand set running a 1000 mAh PowerX cells that test out at 940mAh. Six days in, they are all still running on their first charge...
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    Q: AAA NiMH battery recommendation for cordless phone

    How long do your batteries last on a charge? I would happily upgrade phone systems if I could get a week of standby.
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    Q: AAA NiMH battery recommendation for cordless phone

    I would appreciate recommendations on AAA NiMH cells for a bunch of Phillips cordless phones. Each takes 2 x AAA cells. The phones originally came with Phillips brand batteries that performed well for about two years. After that, I tried the original Eneloops (I think 700mAh rated). They...
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    Need help charging 9S 18650 pack

    I need 35v for a portable microcontroller based system that drives 35v steppers. It runs great from 8 to 10 - 18650 cells. It's important that it not go too far over 35v or it will damage the stepper drivers. What is the best way to charge this as a pack? Can I just energize it with my power...
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    24v P7 driver?

    I have a 24v solar system and would like to drive some P7 emitters from it. The emitters will be a long way from the batteries (up to 150 feet) so it would probably be better to have higher voltage and lower current use, as opposed to splitting the storage batteries for lower voltage. Does...
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    Is it good practice to R&A "unused" Eneloops on a bi-monthly basis?

    Cycling them will just reduce battery and owner life. Eneloops have caused me to basically forget about batteries. My remote controls, for example, have not had the battery covers off in three years. I don't use my home theater that much but three years... unbelievable. Get some Eneloops...
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    Help me decide MH-C9000 or BC-900

    I like my two BC-900 chargers. Unfortunately, I purchased 3 of them and one melted down. The melted down one was replaced by La Crosse with a charger that was labelled "checked" but it had a bad slot that would never charge. La Crosse never returned my messages about the bad slot and they...
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    How are YOUR enloopies?

    No. BC900@1A I use 9 of them in a Mag85. It still comes on strong. I have about 40 eneloops. Most of them are sprinkled around in devices like remote controls, clocks, wireless keyboard/mouse, dSLR, camera flash, etc. I happen to know the dSLR hasn't been used in about a year. It's on...
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    Two P7 LED conversions

    Great projects. Thanks! :)
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    Kai Domain Cree bike light?

    There were rumors someone at Kai Domain was working on a Cree powered bike light at a reasonable cost. The last I heard, it was to be released by the end of June. Has anyone heard anything? It would be amazing if someone would release either a bike light, a kit to convert a flashlight into a...
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    Worth going to P60 drop-ins and 18650?

    Re: Worth going to P60 with 18650? You are posting things that are misleading. Li-Ion performs substantially better in the cold than NiMH. The difference is fantastic. Li-Ion hold up better in hot conditions than NiMH. The difference is fantastic. Put a fresh, fully charged NiMH on your...
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    My (will be) headlight setup. Good enough?

    I wouldn't mount lights on the outside of the bars. They will get constantly bumped and, sooner or later, broken. I would mount the lights as close to the head as possible and under the bar, not on top. Personally, I'd stick with two lights in the Cree Q5~R2 range. This will provide about...
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    looking for dual LED lighting for my bike

    I'd consider the 5 mode P7, if I were starting from scratch. I'm hoping for P7 modules to upgrade my existing lights but they aren't around, yet. I run a pair of TrustFire T1 using Broloch's mount idea and they work very, very well. The total cost would be around $100 with batteries, charger...
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    How to mount an LED flashlight onto bicycle?

    No. Not even close. Go with a TwoFish, for a 2D Mag. By the way, I like this mount. In fact, I prefer it to the TwoFish lock blocks I was using but I just started using it about a week ago.
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    P60 flood

    Is it a P60 module?
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    P60 flood

    Thanks, dmz. I picked up a couple and they are fine but they don't flood or throw any better than the Q5 modules that come with the DX 10659.
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    P7 900 lumens MTE DX first impression

    Does anyone know the drive current on low and medium with the resistors bridged? I'd love to have 90 minutes of run time on medium with a 45 minute turbo mode available, if I need it.
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    MTE SSC P7 from DX

    I've been looking at the 4 die emitter - MTE SSC P7 900-Lumen 5-Mode Super LED Flashlight from DealExtreme. DX feedback seems to put this light at roughly 400 lm. That's a lot of light for $45. Is this the best bike use flashlight currently...
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    P60 flood

    I'd like to find the best flood, least pronounced hot spot, p60 module I can find. Is there a p60 module shoot-out somewhere?