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    Fenix LD42

    Anyone know why the LD42 was discontinued? I have one in my car and one in my nightstand, and I have found them excellent.
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    BE AMAZED! The New Fenix LD42 LED Flashlight Upgrade is Released

    I've been an intermittent poster and reviewer since 2006. I do not collect flashlights per se; I have however used them all over the globe in various degrees of situational criticality. I understand the various opinions about plastic bodies, and they are certainly worth raising, esp. perhaps if...
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    Time for a new charger

    Tom Thanks for the reply. I think I will stick with "proven" technology - i.e., familiar = that which I can more easily manage. Having to remember what the program was on a routine I may have forgotten to save sounds like an invitation to frustration and more for me. Another 9000 could be in my...
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    Time for a new charger

    kreisl, I'm comfortable with that, and I'm used to setting both CC and DC depending on my use. No reason I need an all-in-one charger! But what about my 18650's? I only have (2), and so a smaller charger could work well. What would you recommend, suggest I narrow down to considering? I looked at...
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    Zebralight SC600 MK III Hi or Plus?

    Dave3 It would really help if you told us what your criteria were. What aspects of a light in this case are the important ones to you? Kind of hard to help without that info; otherwise multi-variable reviews are your best source I think.
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    Time for a new charger

    I have the same need as Trouthead. I have used a Maha 9000 since 2008, but I am loosing individual bays. I have read through a lot of the reviews here and ones referenced here. However, this is a very smart forum and… I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE SOME ADVICE - a good charger can quickly become a...
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    Sold/Expired WTB- WA bi-pin bulb

    Thanks Fivemega I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that a day after posting my inquiry I took the time to AGAIN rummage through the many boxes of flashlight "stuff" I have. In a small envelope marked "1185 bulbs" I found (4) extras I ordered in 2008 when I learned that WA was going to discontinue...
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    18650's Care and Maintenance

    Torchmee Is your referral offer still valid? I'd like to get one of the SkyRC MC3000 chargers. John
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    Sold/Expired WTB- WA bi-pin bulb

    I am looking for a replacement bulb for my Borealis light; orig bulb a WA01185 Would be happy with either WA01331 or WA01318 or other equivalent. Many thanks, John
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    Zebralight SC600-III (XHP35, 1x18650) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    It's been a while since my last post [I've been off in the wilds more than home, it seems]. I really appreciate your SC600 Mk III review, as I now need a new higher-intensity light to replace some >>>10-yrs old ones I have carried in vehicles over the years. Seems like this ZL is a good balance...
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    Overview: All eneloop batteries; 2005-2021

    Eneloop Gen1 vs Gen2 Thread Merge - Norm The last post on this I could find was in 2011, so I am asking for more recent experience/data: If I have the option to keep/rely on Gen1 vs Gen2 envelops [1900mh types] – which are likely to be more reliable over the longer haul? I have both [Gen1...
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    ZebraLight Cust Serv/Quality

    Hi Guys I am the OP, and I decided to check in on this thread after quite a while not doing so. Wow! What a variety of comments! Some seem more on point than others, but forums are GREAT! My original post was intended to create something like a survey of the Customer Service aspect of ZL. And...
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    Selfbuilt's CR123A Battery Comparison 2013

    selfbuilt I really appreciate and often rely on the many reports you have shared with us here! Thank you very much. As I read your initial post, I found myself wondering how many individual batteries are represented in each of your curves? Clearly, the higher the number (N) in any sample, the...
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    Why doesn't the SC52 have any real competition?

    Re: What about the XENO E03 V3? Since 2006 I have been using (5) Zebralights, both headlamps and straight-ahead flashlights. Our usage has happened on 5 continents and under very harsh conditions. We get great light and long run times in real-world situations — and zero failures or minor...
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    FieldTest on Zebralight Q5

    Well, we are almost up to 4.5 years of continuous use on our (3) original H-50 Zebralights. Just thought I'd post about the continuing results: Overall, FLAWLESS. We have used these (3) lights in the dry high desert of Oregon, and in the jungles of Central America. We have traveled with them...
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    ZebraLight Cust Serv/Quality

    fsooner thanks for putting the thread back on track earlier. Yes, I was trying elicit responses re CS, not QC [I accept bad apples at a limited ratio.] I agree that communication is THE ISSUE. John
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    ZebraLight Cust Serv/Quality

    I have long been a Zebralight fan [I used and wrote the first review of the H50 in 2007,]. My first Zebralights have been heavily used and very reliable in use all over the world!! But recently I have had a bad...
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    Need recommendation for surgical headlamp

    LTbL The link does not work. J
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    ZebraLight Flood Angles

    I am cross-posting this from another thread: Quote: Originally Posted by ZebraLight Wait for 2-3 weeks for the H51F. As the OP, I think this answers my question, and I consider this thread [informally] closed.
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    Zebralight SC51 (XP-G R4) & SC50w (XP-E Neutral) 1xAA Reviews: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS +

    Re: Zebralight SC51 (XP-G R4) & SC50w (XP-E Neutral) 1xAA Reviews: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOT Thanks very much for the advice. After using them A LOT, I am a big fan of ZebraLights. I just do not want to order the wrong tool. John