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    Self leveling headlight for a motorcycle?

    Driving lamps are usually either offroad, or certified as high beams, in fact I used to have a set of Denali D4 driving pods and I had to point them way down to avoid blinding other drivers - so low in fact that they created a very bright spot within very near field of the bike, preventing me...
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    Self leveling headlight for a motorcycle?

    Interesting idea, but in my case it would be mounted very low on the bike, maybe 12-15" above the ground, so I don't think a true low beam can be pointed properly. A fog light may be the only practical solution. You can see both my bikes - on the big cruiser I actually have the JW Speaker...
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    Self leveling headlight for a motorcycle?

    There are many automotive headlights with the self leveling function, but to retrofit one to a motorcycle it must be a simple shape - round or rectangle, that's why I was thinking the G-wagen light.
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    Self leveling headlight for a motorcycle?

    Not going to be a headlight, but rather to assist the headlight. Like I was saying before, under moderate application of the front brake, the front suspension of my motorcycles dives so much that the headlight output barely throws 6-10 feet forward. Since it getting and retrofitting a self...
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    Self leveling headlight for a motorcycle?

    The lights I am planning to use are not home made, I'm planning to use either Denali fog lamps, or Diode Dynamics fog lamps. The bracket to mount them is going to be custom made to fit onto the lower forks, which is not exactly an unusual location, made adventure bikes have such setups from the...
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    Self leveling headlight for a motorcycle?

    Well, I have decided to design a custom bracket to mount aux lights to the bottom fork, that stay stationary. Right now I have a set of aux lights mounted to the crash bars, which move with the suspension travel, so I will have to do some custom work.
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    Self leveling headlight for a motorcycle?

    Neat idea indeed, but this is certainly more of an offroad application - I use my motorcycle on the public highways.
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    Self leveling headlight for a motorcycle?

    Not sure if this has even been asked before, or if anyone has considered it. I own a KTM supermoto motorcycle that has a lot of suspension travel, and under moderate to hard braking the front dips so much that the headlight illuminates barely 6 feet forward. Taking curvy highway exits in dark...
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    Glass versus plastic headlight lenses

    I dont think there are many cars left with glass headlights, but quite a few still use glass fog lights, or were using them until very recent.
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    New BMW SUV high beams?

    Some BMWs even have laser high beam assist, as well as adoptive LED. They generally dont cause glare, unless the car was in a crash and the body shop did not alight the headlight right during repair.
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    New BMW SUV high beams?

    To the best of my knowledge, older BMWs with HIDs do not use the inner projectors, they are only for the "angel eye" ring light. The outer projects do high/low functions. The newer ones are LED, and they use both inner and outer projects, and I believe both projectors do both high and low. The...
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    Name that headlight

    This looks like the Russian UAZ, probably for intl markets
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    Name that headlight

    This looks like the Russian UAZ, probably for intl markets.
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    Flashlight flickers when using old batteries.

    Something that I've noticed, I have a bunch of high quality Tenergy/Panasonic 18650 batteries that I use with my flashlight and I use a Pila IBC charger to charge and maintain them. With these quality batteries the flashlight always works great, providing smooth flicker free light. However, I...
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    12V LED RV 2-Way Porch Light Replacement You can get these with their datadim switch to control brightness.
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    Holley RetroBright headlamps? Good, bad or ugly?

    I think JW Speaker has a few reflector based LED headlights as well.
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    A Technology Connections video about sealed beams

    I wish they would still use glass for modern headlights.
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    Retroreflective tape

    A lot of such tape gets burned out in the sun and turns white, so be prepared to replace it now and then.
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    Best H7's for 2015 Merc ML350

    I know, but its generally pretty good, and a far cry from HID in a halogen reflector housing. I had HIDs swapped in a 2013 Suzuki GV, and a 2013 Mazda 3 - both with halogen projector options, and beam distribution with HID was wide, without glare, and with very sharp cutoff.
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    J.W. Speaker Denouncing Low-CCT White Light?

    There are spots on the BQE where it meets belt parkway, with some 4300k LEDs mixed with the new 3000k or whatever they are, and some HPS still remaining underneath the overpasses, so I really observed them this morning. I had to do a double take on the new 3000k lights - it was dark and rainy...