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    Nelp battery help on eneloop XX double A's

    Were the batteries dead? Did you completely discharge them first? The 1330 is what the charger replaced and not the full capacity. To get that you need to use the charger to discharge them and then recharge them. I own several of the XX AA batteries and they tend to read between 2390 mah and...
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    Battery suggestion for my Fenix

    The eneloop xx are LSD batteries and I use them in my Fenix E25's.
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    Eneloop real or fake?

    I have bought about 80 eneloop AA and AAA batteries from Amazon and have received no fakes. I do ensure they are sold and shipped by Amazon and not one of their merchants. Just seems safer that way.
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    Buying SoShine 2AA to D adapters

    I have 16 of the soshine 2 AA to D adapters and they seem just fine to me. No they are not the best quality, but they are great for the price. I will be honest and say, other than loading batteries in them, I have not had a reason to use them yet. But for the price if they don't work, not...
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    Ultrafire WF-502b dead?

    Should have the drop ins soon. I just received my ultrafire C8 and it has much better insulation then the T6 had. I really like this light. I hope I receive better T6 replacements then the one that came with my light.
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    18650 charger for three batteries

    I have charged three 18650's in my i4 and they all finish at about the same time. With in maybe 10 minutes of each other. The charger does a good job in real world terms. I was charging mine in a cheap trustfire charger and they were only lasting about two days in my e-cig mods, now I get more...
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    Intellicharger i4-v2 issues with Eneloop-XX batteries (smoking hot!!)

    Re: Intellicharger i4-v2 issues with Eneloop-XX batteries--Fails to cut off charge It did the exact same thing to me. I charged a brand new pack of Eneloop XX batteries and they were supper hot. I ran them through a cycle in my c9000 and they seem to be fine. The i4 seems to work great for...
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    in need of battery help 18650

    I would look at some AA flashlights for kids. 18650 Batteries are not the only issue. If they are good quality protected cells that is. But these lights are really bright and get super hot. I am willing to bet that my Ultrafire with the cree T6 would easily melt plastic on high, if left...
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    Ultrafire WF-502b dead?

    That appears to be what happened, but I fried the emitter. The small spring started to melt........sad face. Ordered a couple of drop ins for it.
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    Ultrafire WF-502b dead?

    Was using the flashlight on the low setting and it just died :mad: I do realize this is a very cheap light, but you would think it would work for more than three or four uses. Is there anything I can check. I tried 6 different 18650 batteries to include protected and unprotected........sad...
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    4 flashlight comparison (ROP maglite vs wf502b vs uf-2100 vs ultrafire zoomable)

    Thanks for posting this. I get my 502b in the mail today and I was a little worried that I bought a total piece of crap, but maybe not :)
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Had to use my Fenix e25 to search under her recliner for her cell phone that I accidentally knocked out of her hand, ooops lol.
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    Good budget light that uses lithium batteries (e.g., CR123)

    You say budget is an issue. I would look at using eneloops in your AA lights. I use them in my Fenix E25 and it rocks for a 2 AA light. The lithium AA's are expensive in the long run. I actually have the WF 502b coming in the mail later today. I am glad you like it. I bought it because I...
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    New Fenix E25's

    Already have the i4 charger as well as the MAHA c9000 charger and envelops. If you want a charger that gets the most out of your batteries, the c9000 rocks. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
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    nimh 4 chan charger recommendations? This is a good simple charger, no bells and whistles, but it will do the job and has four independent channels.
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    Not really liking the charge resuls of the Imedion AA's

    This has been my experience with a few sets. Like I said I have no intrest in trying to match pairs, but thats just me. Eneloops and the eneloop xx just seem more consistant. Of the eight 2 were over 2400 mah after the first break in cycle, but the rest were right at or under 2300 mah with...
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    Not really liking the charge resuls of the Imedion AA's

    I use the zmax from madvapes with 18650 unprotected batteries. I also have the gripper from madvapes. But the zmax is by far the best I have used and I have quite the arsenal lol. As far as eliquid goes, I like so many different ones. My favorite right now is snickerdoodle from vaporbomb and...
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    Not really liking the charge resuls of the Imedion AA's

    Tom, you are right on. i am kind of a geek when it comes to charging batteries and playing with different flashlights. But, not so much that i want to sit around and pair some 70 AA batteries and another 30 AAA batteries. Now I am working on 18650's. I have about 8 unprotected ones for my...
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    Not really liking the charge resuls of the Imedion AA's

    I have decide to switch all the AA's and AAA's in the house and love my eneloops. I use the Maha C9000 for charging and most of the eneloops are with in less the 5% MAH after the break in cycle. I bought 20 of the Imedion AA's to use in remotes and a few other things just because of the higher...
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    Any experience with this 18650 Battery

    I am receiving two of these Nitecore 18650 NL183 2300mAH rechargeable batteries with the i4 charger I ordered. Does anyone know if these are good batteries or not? Thanks.