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    I lived my entire life without debt

    IMO it is OK to get a loan on big ticket items such as a car, boat or house. I have always paid them off as early as I can. Paid my last house off in 13 years, my car in 3 months. It also helped when you could deduct interest on income taxes.
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    dont ever move to a small town!!!!!

    We are in a place that has less than 2000 people. If you are badly hurt or sick, you are only a $40k helicopter ride to a real hospital in Phoenix. There are usually one or two incidents per week. We can tell when one is happening as the helicopter flies over our house to get to the helipad.
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    D-cell Alkalines... no longer worth it? Obsolete vs. other batteries?

    I have given up on all alkaline batteries. So what they are cheaper ? All they have to do is leak all over something expensive and you lose more money than you saved on cheaper batteries.
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    Police Laser Detectors

    The only way to beat a laser is if you are in a group of cars and the cop targets someone in front of you. If you are all alone or in front of a group of cars, you will get a ticket, which has happened to me.
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    Memories of prepping and responding to Y2K.

    One of my more paranoid friends invested most of his cash in stuff he thought would sell well after the end of the world on 1/1/2000. He was truly pissed that nothing happened and was only able to get a fraction of his money back.
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    what fuel system cleaner

    I put the Chevron cleaner in each car once a year. When I found out that GM private lableled it, I settled on it since all my vehicles are Chevys.
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    Shout Out for Surefire customer service

    The most common thing they did that pissed me off was they would say they would send a replacement part such as a tailcap or pocket clip and never did. Or warranty anything that was sent in for repair/replacement. However I am still a Surefire addict with over 4 dozen Surefire lights, I just...
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    Shout Out for Surefire customer service

    I gave up on Surefire customer service over 10 years ago.
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    Neer to convert 5 volt dc to 42 volt

    Raggie needs to study up on Ohm's law. Power is a function of the voltage times the amperage, you are only talking about voltage. Watts= Voltage x Amperage.
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    What's Your Collection's Net Worth?

    No I don't. I'm just a Surefire snob.
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    What's Your Collection's Net Worth?

    No I don't. Mine is 100% Surefire.
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    What's Your Collection's Net Worth?

    I don't even want to spend the time to sit down and add it all up.
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    How often to replace batteries siting in surefire?

    Replace then when the voltage gets low. I have had 10 year old Surefire batteries work fine.
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    What is the largest EDC you've ever carried?

    When they first came out, a Surefire M6 in a belt holster.
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    Am I the only one who drives the speed limit?

    It seems that the only person that drives the speed limit, is parked in the fast lane. Or in other words, the right lane has become the passing lane.
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    More Alkaline Woes

    I gave up on alkaline batteries years ago and only use Energizer Lithium. If I purchase something new that comes with alkaline batteries, I just throw them out.
  17. B, authorized dealer?

    They don't return emails. Idiots answering the phone. Not sending items after they say they will. I have owned Surefire lights for 15 years and gave up on dealing with them 4 years ago. Other people will chime in and say how great Surefire service is.
  18. B, authorized dealer?

    Surefire will be difficult to deal with either way. Even though I only own Surefire lights, I purchase them wherever they are the cheapest.
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    A tail of 2 Surefire tailcaps (see what i did there)

    Yes you are correct, so I modified my original post.