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    Help! Need perfect gift

    I need to get a retirement gift of a flashlight, but I need it in a nice gift box because it will be presented in front of a group. My budget is $100 to $120. Is there anywhere I get get a nice flashlight in a gift box? Everything is "blister" packed now adays. Thanks
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    Airport security experience with my SF SC1

    This should be on an "idiot TSA" forum, but only you guys would understand about what an SC1 is. I was at the Detroit airport going through security. Going through the X-ray, the operator gets all excited about my suitcase, running it back & forth, and calling assitance over. My suitcase...
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    What happened to Tactical

    I have bought maybe 30-40 lights from Dan at over the years. Anyway, I can't find his website anymore. Can someone fill me in?
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    Pictures of M3 or M6 in Pelican Cases?

    I have an M3 and an M6 and I want to set up each system in a Pelican case with accessories, so I can get ideas. Does anyone have pictures of their setup? I'd like to see what case and what accessories have been chosen.
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    SF free bulb?

    Having an M3 & and M3T for a while, I had been dreaming of the day I would get an M6. Tonight was my night.... I had some "Cabela" Gift certificates + a nice coupon with expired today, so I called them to see if any were in stock. 1 Left, plus the floor model. When given the M6 box, it...
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    General life of Tigerlight Battery?

    Hello, I have had my Tigerlight for almost 2 years now, and the battery is not really holding a charge anymore. It gets used about once or twice a week, otherwise in on the nightstand or the cradle. When used recently, it's clearly yellow and dim, unless it was on the charger. I am just...
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    Surefire M6 - Which bezel is better?

    I have a Gander Mountain $100 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. I went there today to buy a Surefire M6. The only M6's they had are the older style bezel. They didn't have any new bezel styles in stock. So, I did not buy one today. Is there anyone that prefers the old style over...
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    Surefire M6 - Which bezel is better?

    Incan-ML-668983-ML- Moved to the Incandescent forum
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    A dark alley & my Surefire, True Story

    Wow, look at all the responses I drew.... I didn't expect to be so controversial. First, in daylight, you have no idea weather a side street will be well lit or not at night. So I didn't realize it would be dark until I was basically there. I had the light on almost the the whole time...
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    A dark alley & my Surefire, True Story

    I took my wife to a Detroit Tigers game last week. We parked in a spot about 3 blocks away from the stadium. We left at the 7th inning, when the game was surely going to the Tiger's way. Walking out pretty much alone, the entire path to the car was NOT lit up, and almost pitch black. We are...
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    Titanium Inova X0

    I have an X0 I bought just today. I plan on testing it out this weekend. With the recessed LED's it seems a very rugged type light. It will likely be a brief case carry light for me.
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    Surefire M6 - is it worth it ?

    Ok, I give up, resistance is futile. I just ordered an M6. If my wife gets angry, I will be giving her Al's email address.
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    Newbie Pila Question

    Do I need to change my Lamp Assembly? Or does it work with a LOLA and the HOLA both?
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    Newbie Pila Question

    I have 2 Surefire M3's and I would like to switch one over to PILA batteries I hear so much about, Can someone tell me WHICH batteries to buy and where to get them from? Thanks
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    Browning Flashlights - More rugged than Surefire?

    I was in my local Gander Mountain Store again checking out the store. In additoin to Surefire they also had quite the display of Browning branded Flashlights. I can't speak for the throw but they seemed more robust than a surefire, and definately more rugged. Browning had a nice assortment of...
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    Inova X0 available at Discovery channel store?

    I went to the Discovery local store, and they had about 5 available. I purchased one of course. I have not tried it out yet. Maybe this weekend.
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    My dumb Tigerlight question

    After 24 hours of charging, just push the light back about 1/2" in the charger until the light turns off. That way it's still the cradle, but off the charger. I always know where it is.
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    The 9P is back in production? I see them New.

    There is a Gander Mountain that just opened in my area (Novi, MI). They have what I will describe as 2 "significant and outstanding" dedicated display TOWERS with all SF lights, filters, and assecories shown inside. I would say they have MOST of the surefire lineup dispalyed. What caught my...
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    Unimpressed with Surefire G2

    Try blinding an un suspecting friend one night in total darkness. Not the most polite thing to do, but you will see how effective it is to be on the business end of P60 lamp.
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    Help, I can only buy 1 flashlight!

    I have decided upon an 2nd M3 light. I can share common lamp assemblies I already have and the price is more reasonable than an M4.