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    Super Sabrelight LED conversion?

    I also have a SuperSabre that is mainly used for scanning for critters on rainy dog walks. I managed to find a replacement bulb (Pelican 2004) this spring, so I will keep it “as-is” as long as it works. Once my bulbs run out, it will become just a relic in my small collection. You may find a...
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    PT Power 3aaa vs Energizer Tac 1aa

    I have two of the 85 lumen 1AA Energizers and one of the 185 lumen 2AA lights. Well built and cover many lighting situations inside and out. The larger light is perfect for scanning for the skunks and other creatures that pass through our suburban back yard almost every night.
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    Energizer 2aa HO vs Defiant camo 2aa

    Recently grabbed the 185-lumen Energizer at my local Target store, hiding behind several of the older, 125 lumen versions that were on clearance. Thought I might get the brighter light at the sale price, but no such luck. For a suburban resident who lives with skunks, foxes and other critters...
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    Icon Rogue 1: A Layman's Perspective

    Well, I'm kinda klutzy, so the lanyard has spared me at least two drops onto pavement since I've had the Rogue 1! I should also mention that I am a fan of its build quality from machining to external and internal finish.
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    Icon Rogue 1: A Layman's Perspective

    I bought several Rogue 1's from Amazon when they were $7 each. Titanium grey and green models. Pulled the alkaline batteries packaged with the lights and set aside all but one for future use. It's a very good household light, and it's adequate for taking our dog out at night while scanning the...
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    What is one brand/flashlight you wouldn't wish on an enemy?

    Re: Other than (a) maglite, what is one brand/flashlight you wouldn't wish on an enem One without batteries?
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    Favorite Buget light.

    Several ICON Rogue 1 lights in titanium and green finishes, purchased from Amazon when they were about $7 each, incl. shipping! A pair of generic Sipik three-mode lights, again from Amazon, around $4-5 each. Various Inova Microlights
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    Americans need SCHOOLED by the Europeans on roundabouts

    I personally am not fazed by "traffic circles" as roundabouts are called in New York. I do not like them, however. Here's one viewpoint on the subject from Jalopnik:
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    Nitecore InteliCharger i4 Review

    Appreciate the input on the ni-cd charging guys! At $20, I'd better order one soon!
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    Nitecore InteliCharger i4 Review

    Nice video overview! The label on the charger in the video does not mention ni-cd batteries. The Battery Junction website description says this model does charge ni-cd. Can anyone say for certain whether it will safely charge that style of battery? I have some old devices that require that...
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    Duracells alkalines seem to leak often

    My own personal observation: Between the two commonly-available consumer brands (Duracell and Energizer) I have encountered far more leaky Duracells than Energizer AA and AAA cells over the past 4 years or so. I simply use Energizer Lithium cells in anything I value, and Energizer alkalines in...
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    New Pelican 2350 LED Flashlight

    After a weekend's worth of trial, I found that the mode switching has to be done with very quick and very positive presses of the button. I've decided to keep the light after figuring this out. Otherwise, it is a solid, heavy and well-made light with nice thread machining. I do not have an image...
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    New Pelican 2350 LED Flashlight

    Today, I received my new 2350 from Battery Junction, and after a quick trial using the Energizer AA alkaline, I have not decided whether to keep or return it. A weekend of use should help me decide. The 2350 is very nicely built light, is plenty bright with a useable low setting too, and a...
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    New Energizer tactical 1aa

    I just bought the last one of the 85 lm models on the shelf at my local Target. With an Energizer lithium cell installed, it makes a great pocket carry light for dog walking and general use. The output, plus the machining and finish on this light are excellent for just $15, part of what...
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    Maglite Mag-Tac - Not impressed...

    Apologies if this has been answered previously - Does the MagTac suffer from the parasitic battery drain like the other XL-series lights do? If yes, draining a pair of CR123s is potentially a lot more expensive than even the Energizer lithium AAA cells I use in my XL50. That may deter me from...
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    Inexpensive little AA light Sipik68 & Clones.

    Fantastic! That's what I needed to know! I tried turning it first, with no effect, but pulling it out does the trick. Many thanks!
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    Inexpensive little AA light Sipik68 & Clones.

    I just received two of the cloned models with Hi, Lo and Strobe settings from Amazon for $4 each. Good light for the money, but I can not figure out how the zoom feature is supposed to work. Do you turn the bezel or do you just pull it in or out to get the beam profile you want? I do not want to...
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    Want keychain light with AAA battery, has push-button switch, and one light mode

    If brightness is definitely not a concern, maybe this option might work for you: The SwissTech Pocket LED: About as bright as a Maglite Solitaire (the original incan version), this has a tail clicky switch, and truly works best in indoor situations. I've used both alkaline and Energizer aaa...
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    Super Sabrelite conversion to LED

    Hang in there. Maybe someone has figured a lower-power led drop-in/conversion that will work and will comment. I don't plan on switching my SS over unless Pelican stops offering the incan lamp assembly.
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    Super Sabrelite conversion to LED

    I use a stock incan SuperSabre, and I'm not sure that the plastic body will take the heat this drop-in will generate. More knowledgeable members can give some specific advice. I like my SS with the incan, it has a long throw and still has the original bulb going strong.