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    DesignShine DS-500 Tail light? Oh where have you gone?

    Anyone know where I can find a DesignShine DS-500 taillight? Seems the owner doesn’t make them anymore. EBAY searches have turned up nothing.
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    Sold/Expired For sale: Used Fenix TK-35 (TK35) (18650's included) first $50 takes it all!

    I have my used Fenix TK35 LED flashlight for sale. Included are two Ultrafire BRC 18650 3.7V 3000mAh batteries. The light has some lights scuffs and minor dents from average usage. The light works perfectly. $50 for the whole deal, plus shipping. I can email pictures if that is needed. Just...
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    Any FireSword IV Owners?

    Hmm...very good point! I'm obviously still a noob at the flashaholic game, so I appreciate the heads up. Still learning! Rick
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    Any FireSword IV Owners?

    I don't own one, but I was pondering getting one. I emailed Wayne and he said they are still offering them for sale. My only hesitation is in seeing what (or when) comes of the planned DEFT High Output that is in the works by another CPF member who manufactures his own lights. Anyone care...
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    DEFT-High Output Got Lux?

    Wow. Very responsive forum. Thanks guys! I'll be patient and wait for my permissions to grow to allow PMs, but I don't want to post "nonsense" messages, so I'll just wait and see. I've subscribed to this thread to keep an eye out for the HO for when it becomes available. Are there any...
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    DEFT-High Output Got Lux?

    @saabluster - I was going to send you a PM, but for some reason the board won't let me. Do you have any used or old DEFT lights for sale? An eBay search turned up nothing. I understand you are working on a new DEFT high output, but what about the old version? I tried visiting your website...