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    Review: Specialized Flux Expert Taillight

    No such luck here (Australia) they're offering a "Stix Combo" package as the replacement for the Flux taillight, trying to sell that by saying it's a bonus front light! :mad: Two almost useless lights (well under 1/4 the power and no side visibility, no good for all-weather commuting) in...
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    Cree XT-E White announced

    Looks like just under AU $2 each, but the site doesn't specify which bin/tint that is.
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    10xMC-E 5C 4000K HyperBoost 6000+lumen bike light with high and low beam for road ...

    No reply from the OP yet ... but p7 or sst90 wouldn't make any sense. Building the same thing with XM-Ls would make sense, that would be more efficient (more light) than anything else at the time of writing this. But would need to be a different combination of driver, current, battery...
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    Magicshine - replacement battery PCB

    I think that's been mentioned elsewhere. Would be a good deal for people in the US or a bulk order, but elsewhere it ends up as $80 postage for a $5 part...
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    Upgrading magicshine with XM-L question..

    I've done the spacer the other way round... between the optic and the glass, so the star sits right onto the pill. I imagine the same would work for the reflector. As I've swapped the reflector for narrow/medium XM-L TIR optics as well (all from cutter, Eva XM) the spacer is a ring about 4mm...
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    Best tint for bike light

    No, the lumen rating is really the brightest to human eyes, as it is measured relative to the response curve. The peak response is between green and yellow, hence why the cool whites with huge yellowish peaks rate well in lumens even though they dip towards the green colours. But, the neutral...
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    Magicshine - replacement battery PCB

    Further update: I've been running fine for a while on a pack rebuilt with the fma_battery 2-chip version.
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    Designing good daytime rear commuter lights

    The ultrafire and DX red dropin looks a lot like what I'm running, mounted to the carrier in a similar way, and I'm very happy with it. But, I have a wide-angle elliptic TIR in it instead, the sort where shining it on a wall projects a line. This makes it really bright from well over 45...
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    Cloudy magicshine P7 LED...replace with XM-L??

    I think I replied to another similar thread ... do it, go the swap. Put in a neutral white XM-L and swap for a XM-L specific TIR optic at the same time, makes them heaps better. Just use a spacer (a ring made from a bit of plastic or aluminium, or some silicon/hot glue) between the optic and...
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    Why doesnt "Super Blast" mode exist in any torches?

    Re: Why doesnt "Super Blast" mode exist in any torches? (question for 4Sevens?) Something that has been missed so far is that if a normal EDC light type LED like an XP-G or XP-E was overdriven briefly it would be a mega-thrower relative to the reflector size, no need for the large LEDs. So the...
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    Magicshine - replacement battery PCB

    The seller gave me a refund... which is kinda nice, but I still don't have a working battery pack! I'd be interested to hear of anyone else's experiences, but I think I'll just order a new pack from DX. The protection boards available in the US might be worth a shot if you're there, but for...
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    Magicshine - replacement battery PCB

    Here's a photo of the board I received, in it's current state: Note the blown up chip ... so it is obviously not short circuit protected. Either me possibly mometarily shorting it with a multimeter probe, or the current draw from the light head, was too much for it. So much for being a...
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    Magicshine - replacement battery PCB

    Well, partial success: got the one ordered from ebay as above. But: it only has one of the two chips shown in the photo. The pack charges OK, to a cutoff of somewhere between 8 and 8.4V (dodgy multimeter). Short circuit protection works, even though I didn't actually mean to test that...
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    Magicshine - replacement battery PCB

    Same here! Corroded PCB, cells seem OK. I found that one on ebay linked above too, it looks extremely similar but the component layout is slightly different. Anyone know if the original board, or this one, do balancing? I would guess no and no. I can't seem to find any 2s2p specific...
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    BessieBenny's Budget LED (DX/KD etc) Flashlights Review Roundup (Part XII)

    Re: Do anyone buy the Ultrafire UF-007 (Recoil Led) I got the WF-008 delivered from DX just recently, overall I think it's great, especially for the price! Great thrower, I don't have anything to compare to but just playing with it and lighting stuff up on the other side of an oval or valley...
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    SSC P7 lights cheap "nitelights" ...?

    I think I know what the batteries are then: the "4x 8.4V 4.4AH" must mean 4 batteries giving 8.4V 4.4AH, i.e. 2200mAH in 2S2P. So using a turboferret pack you could make another battery for these that's 6AH and with removable batteries for use in other torches...
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    SSC P7 lights cheap "nitelights" ...?

    Cool, thanks guys Good spotting on the background image ... wow, this place is an amazing source of information!
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    XP-G R5 upgrade (from XR-E Q5 in an ultrafire C3)

    Finally the outdoor shots: Ultrafire C3 w/R5 vs Fenix w/Q5: The color difference is real (white balance locked) and makes the R5 so much more useful for walking/biking. The wider spill and hotspot are clearly visible.
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    SSC P7 lights cheap "nitelights" ...?

    Anyone got any experience with these? They seem pretty good, I saw them at the recent Scott 24 hour mountain bike race. However, are they simply a Hong Kong product somebody is importing ... who's got keen eyes, compare the photos with DX SKU 25149 ...
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    XP-G R5 upgrade (from XR-E Q5 in an ultrafire C3)

    Yes, hence the much wider beam and spill - which I think is a good thing, however those after a thrower will need new optics. I haven't figured out what else to put an R5 into yet ... I have a few ideas, and actually kinda like the C3 so this one will stay there and I'll order more, maybe a new...