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    MS18 at night in blackout town

    I'd have bought an MS18 but just don't trust Imalents warranty and business practice. Ive only bought one light from them (UT-90) and it was stressful. If I had more confidence in them I'd definately own at least 3 or 4 Imalents. Just saying it as it is.
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    Micro Lantern build

    I am sure I'm missing something but why not get an Olantern by Olights, you can charge it from any USB source, powerbank etc. Or an LT1 with 4x18650 cells that can be recharged from solar. Great job I guess I'm just missing the point.
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    Olight baldr pro cr123 problems

    One Olight torch I bought (MiT-Raider) came with non-rechargeable CR123's. I replaced them with Olights rechargeable li-ion cells CR123A part no:ORB-163PO6 (650mah). Just a possible option, they have been great cells.
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    Best light under $300 that will light up a football field

    You kinda want 15ish to 60 thousand Lumens I would think. DX-80, X80-GT, MF01s, Maruader2. The question might be how 'long' do you want to light up this football field?
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    USB power bank box that takes my own batteries (need not charge them)

    So many of these powers bank shells in Banggood, I do like the 2-way pd 18w charging/power sharing.
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    Spotlight recommendations

    Interested too, the term 'spotlight' I suppose had changed a bit over the years.
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    Small thrower

    Imalent recently released a new UT-90?... with the SBT90.2 LED which looked interesting.
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    In the market for a new thrower too...